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Brad Burton, a man transforming the industry narrated his story in the most intriguing way ever — “1973, born, Sanford, Dad left, primary school, BMX bikes, role-playing games, computer games, class clown, no qualifications, shop boy, girls, chalet cleaner, nightclubbing, pothead, more girls, games journalist, became a Dad, shot at,... Read More
Dimas Gimeno, a passionate and focused advocate of retail transformation. Founder and Chairman of Skintelligence Investments; a retail & tech business platform built to help retailers harness disruptive innovation, adapt, and grow in a rapidly changing economic and social landscape. From 2014 to 2018, he served as President and CEO... Read More
Gavin Crump, the Founder and Consultant of BIM (building information modelling) Guru, is an inspiration to many in his field. He began working as an as an architectural graduate in 2012 and whilst many years have passed since then his perseverance remains constant. He initially began his career by working... Read More
Gunter Fischer, the CEO, and co-founder of Brainalyzed, worked for more than 10 years in the renewable energy sector developing self-learning controllers for wind turbines. The goal of this project was to use the time-series data of the wind turbine sensors to make the turbines adapt to local site conditions... Read More
“I am fighting against people who feel paying $100k plus for an education is justified.”  In a world of Ivies and top-notch universities, where students are in a constant rat race to take underwhelming classes and pay hefty fees for what is supposed to be a basic human right, Jonaed... Read More
In this world of profit-making, capitalism and rising industrialization, where companies are working day and night to take their number graphs to greater heights, Marc Cirera, CEO and founder of Companies for good is running a social enterprise to help companies make their mark by not just growing economically but... Read More
Mark Myers, founder of The Myers Counseling Group and the man behind the transformation of many deteriorating lives into healthy, fulfilling ones through over twenty years of handwork, consistency, empathy, or as he believes sums it up in a word ‘focused.’ His focused approach towards creating problem-solving strategies centered around... Read More
Paolo Rizzi Cofounder and the CTO of an amazing project called minu. Has over 20 years of professional experience in software engineering, product development combined with an entrepreneurial spirit that led him to create successful start-ups in 7 countries between Europe and America, including business failures, which gave him great... Read More
Robert Ancill, the CEO of the Next Idea group is a leading figure in the hospitality and interior design industries. An authority of emerging food trends, foodservice, and design,  Robert is well known as one of America’s leading Global Food and Restaurant Consultants. His principles stand staunch as pillars of... Read More
Robert Knop, Chief Executive Officer of Assist you today brings sales and marketing programs into the 21st century. What does that mean? Well, think less cold calling, blast emailing and gut-based decision-making, and more data-driven decision-making and usage of modern tools like digital, mobile, and social media. Assist You Today... Read More
My strongest belief in life is that I can be better tomorrow than I am today. The stories I write, the opportunity to be able to impact lives, my inner drive that inspires me to write & my feelings for wanting to help as many people as I can in... Read More
Tony Malz Founder and CEO of Sizigi was born and raised in San Diego. In 2000 He became a first-generation college graduate ready to conquer the world. But the journey was not easy. His first job was working in the stock market during its heyday.  Suddenly, the dotcom bubble burst... Read More
Vincent Champain, SEVP, Chief Digital Officer and member of the Executive Committee, at Framatome which is an international leader in nuclear energy. As a company, they are recognized for their innovative solutions and value-added technologies for the global nuclear fleet. With worldwide expertise and a proven track record for reliability... Read More

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