Mark Myers- Owner Myers Counseling Group

Regrowing all the Fallen Trees

Mark Myers, founder of The Myers Counseling Group and the man behind the transformation of many deteriorating lives into healthy, fulfilling ones through over twenty years of handwork, consistency, empathy, or as he believes sums it up in a word ‘focused.’

His focused approach towards creating problem-solving strategies centered around behavior and thought, along with the power of communication and coping mechanisms has paved the way for many substances abused, ill-health, or just regular individuals with mental health issues become better-living men.

Since time immemorial mental health has always been overlooked, considered as a mere mood swing, but with time, it has been paid attention and because of consistent effort by people like Myers, a drastic change is conspicuous and as he says “the industry has seen tremendous changes over the years. Therapy is more goal-directed now. Empirical data, science, and utilization of medical interventions are more widely accepted and used currently. I see the health industry understanding the importance of collaboration of services. Society is more accepting of individuals seeking out professional help.”

The Myers Counseling group combines varied backgrounds, giving you access to an unparalleled depth of knowledge about healthcare and therapy, a perspective that you won’t find in other groups, comprised of a best-in-class team of experts in search and consulting, as well as those that have built and led healthcare organizations, providing healthcare at the patient level, working in global health, have experience in multiple functions in other industries, and devote their free time to not-for-profit healthcare initiatives.

The Inception

Myers Counseling Group started in August 1999. The shifting of office to Crystal Lake, which was closer to their home allowed the team, greater flexibility, and time commitment to their work. Their staunch philosophy has not changed since they started helping the humans around and they manage to work remotely, provide them emotional, moral, and all the resources in their capacity, and as he said “We support them through their journey in recovery.” Individuals from all geographical areas seek out services at Myers Counseling Group, the telehealth services are one of their most used, for the clients in the state of Illinois, they take immense pride in being community-based and simultaneously maintaining family values too. He strongly puts faith in maintaining these standards while sustaining the individual focus of the client. He believes in “investing time, energy, and commitment to improving the quality of life.” Mark brings his commitment to serving clients not only from his community but other communities as well which talks a lot about his character as a counselor.

The Journey and Major Achievements

The journey of Myers counseling group to one of the leading counseling groups wasn’t a regular one, Myers like most of young adults ended up in field, doing a job which wasn’t exactly satisfying but his zeal for social work led him to Private practice with the help of unconditional support from his wife, Janet Myers, who also co-authored with him in his latest publication: Falling Trees, Color Blind Scientists, and Addiction: A Complete Guide to Addiction for Substance Abusers and Their Families, a book meant to delve deeper into the how’s, why’s, and what’s of addiction, the devastation it brings to the families of the abused, and how to deal with it in a sustained manner. Myers believes this initiative helped him contribute in the greater good of the society and he also considers it an achievement to cherish. Moreover, he also wishes to write further books and is also hoping to expand podcasts and videos to offer additional support and guidance to those who could benefit from it.

Obstacles Faced

Quite unusual is his source of motivation, which isn’t a person or a thing, or an experience from the repressed childhood, but his value system which enables him to take informed decisions, endure through this difficult, ever-changing business. He told The Tycoon Magazine That most of his revenue comes from insurance, and the insurance industry is dynamic, which prevents him from creating long term therapeutic marks in the counseling industry.

Advice to the budding Entrepreneurs

When asked for his advice, and insight for the budding entrepreneurs, he said “It is not easy being in your own business. Not everyone will have the temperament and patience to have your own business. It is essential to have a sound support system. My family’s support (which was huge) has been helpful. I have also received advice from many different professionals, both in and outside of my profession. This advice has been tremendously useful to me. Do not be afraid of reaching out for help and direction.” Hence it is imperative to reach out for help and direction, whether it is an issue pertaining to your life, career or your mental health.

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