Gary L. Chipman – Founder / Managing Member | GLC Energy Consulting LLC

Gary L. Chipman, started his career back in 1987. At that time, he was a Marketing Manager for a group out of Dallas Texas. He had been moved to Midland Texas to open an office there and set up. Weeks had passed and he met up with a guy named Robert Wingfield who had asked him to come to work for a Wireline Company that did Logging and Perforating. He made the leap and continued in the Wireline Business till 2013. Continuing in the Service industry he 1became an Independent Completions Consultant and opened his own Completion Firm in 2013. To date, they have opened their own Composite Frac Plug Division and provide a premium service and product.

Founded in 2013, GLC Energy Consulting LLC. has been providing oil and gas companies with professional consulting services. With a hands-on approach, GLC Energy Consulting has been successful in complete on-site well organization services including daily tracking and reporting, major well repair services, and on-site hydraulic fracturing processes.

GLC Energy Consulting LLC provides highly skilled Completions Consultants, Flow Back Operators, Drilling Consultants, and Engineers. Just here this month April 2020, they have entered the Composite Frac/Bridge Plug market. They conduct their own R&D on several projects to bring Upstream Customers the best-on-the-market Frac Plugs.

Struggles and successes

The Upstream and Downstream in the oil business has always been a challenge. They must change with the market time after time to keep up with those challenges. Adaptability and flexibility are skills that they value at GLC Energy. They stay on top of technology trends and keep their fingers on the R&D pulse in the industry to anticipate and stay ahead of major trends. The priorities of the industry around profitability and safety have remained top of mind for us, and allowed us to forge connections, anticipate issues, and provide valuable foresight to their customers. Growing their business is his mission and he will be at that helm to steer it in the best direction with the help of great employees and great customers. Their Frac Plug Division had a vision to design Frac Plugs with proprietary composite materials. This allows for higher performance and consistent quality over typical filament wound composites which most frac plugs use. In addition, the material properties are designed to be easily drilled out and into manageable pieces.

They are also working on a proprietary lower slip design, and combined with the higher performance composite we envision being able to produce composite FracPlugs that go well beyond the standard pressure ratings! Forward thinking sets the bar when it comes to tractability and quality control. They pride themselves on developing products that leave no room for questions or chances.

Source of motivation.

Family has always been his motivation and the customers they serve. As a business, they take full responsibility for the service and our products. They are uniquely positioned to provide operationally tested service and products that save our customers headaches, knowing that they are bringing a field-tested, expertise-fueled solution to a particular problem.

Future goals and advice

GLC Energy Consulting is committed to contributing to the oil & gas industry in operationally meaningful ways. They are operators building proprietary tools for operators. They know the field, they understand the pain points and they see the opportunities for better ways of working – with better products, more efficiently, and safely. They will continue to research, design, and bring to market products that address the concerns that operators have in the field, issues that are keeping managers up at night. There are decades of experience behind GLC Energy that will continue to power this company and its vision for decades to come. Their industry needs innovative solutions that are custom-built for current and emerging problems. At GLC, operational experience intersects with cutting-edge science and development to provide pin-pointed solutions that work.

Gary’s advice for the younger generation is “Keep up a steady pace, never give up on your dreams, failure is a big part of learning. Ignore all the negativity and noise and always be proud of yourself even if nobody else will.”

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