Vincent Champain – SEVP, Chief Digital Officer- Framatome

An entrepreneur who leads large organisations in Transformations

Vincent Champain, SEVP, Chief Digital Officer and member of the Executive Committee, at Framatome which is an international leader in nuclear energy. As a company, they are recognized for their innovative solutions and value-added technologies for the global nuclear fleet. With worldwide expertise and a proven track record for reliability and performance, their team designs, services and installs components, fuel and instrumentation and control systems for nuclear power plants. They have more than 14,000 employees working every day to help their customers supply cleaner, safer and more economical low-carbon energy.


He is an engineer at heart – a problem solver who loves to fix things and resolve technical challenges. He graduated from École Polytechnique, France, with a degree in computer science and statistics. His career began in the public sector holding various Ministry positions that led to supporting the Ministry of Secretary of State in digital, foresight, and public policy. His passion for technology and data analytics is the foundation of his career. He finds that his skill to apply data analytics to address quality and performance challenges offers the greatest impact to the companies he serves. He brought these skills to General Electric (GE) in his role leading GE Digital Services Europe, and now in his role as Chief Digital Officer and member of the Executive Committee of Framatome.

Early in his career, he observed great lean manufacturing experts as they sought to minimize waste, maximize productivity, and improve quality. They adopted a “paper-and-pencil” approach, preferring non-technological solutions to adapt their manufacturing and operational processes. They thought that traditional digital technologies were too complex and rigid and that they were implemented in a way that limited the teams’ flexibility to be more efficient.

Today’s technologies are much more agile and user-centric. There are many opportunities where digital technologies can be leveraged to improve performance and make “digital lean” possible. This requires implementing digital solutions with a lean mindset and keeping all this in mind, they aim to continue to grow and reach greater heights.

Struggles and source of motivation

The nuclear energy industry has incredibly high quality and technical standards, and it takes great pride in the safety and security of its people and operations. As a highly regulated industry, technological advancements and modernizations require rigour with no room for error. So when it comes to digital transformation, there are opportunities for continuous improvements, but vigilance in execution and reliability is absolutely critical.
From his perspective, if you want to do big things with technology you need to make it as simple as you can for your customers – even if the technology itself requires a lot of expertise. They believe their work should be executed flawlessly and subsequently ensure added value for their customers and unparalleled quality in everything they do.
His motivation stems from his desire to build an organization that makes a difference. Transforming operational processes and integrating digital solutions requires personal drive, and more importantly, a strong and dedicated team to make the transformation a reality.

Future goals and advice to the youth

At Framatome, they maintain a long-term outlook for every aspect of their business, weighing the risks and benefits of every decision. They place safety and customer relationships first, knowing that their success depends on their ability to help their customers succeed – both today and in the future. They prepare for the future each day by developing the innovations of tomorrow and encouraging their colleagues to grow and prosper.
Addressing the demand for digital solutions is one of their key priorities. Digital solutions are critical components in their goal to provide high-performing technologies that support the safe and competitive operation of nuclear power plants worldwide.

When asked for his advice, and insight for the budding entrepreneurs, he said “The word entrepreneur is a French word derived from “entre” and “prendre,” which mean “between” and “catching.” This is what entrepreneurship is all about. First, seeing opportunities that are hidden “between” the lines, and then “catching” those opportunities for continued growth and development. For me, being an entrepreneur requires a clear vision and the drive to reach that vision. The journey isn’t easy – it takes will, determination and a strong team. If you believe in yourself and your team, you will succeed.”

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