Monte Wyatt

An Award-Winning Executive Leadership Coach Guiding CEOs & Executives To Reach Their Full Potential With Clarity

It’s normal for executives to worry about the future of their business. Due to this, entrepreneurs/Founders/CEOs frequently come to the awareness that their business requires advice from someone with a different viewpoint and knowledge. In this case, an executive leadership coach can be helpful. Executives might require a coach to get the knowledge and tools they need to gain clarity and achieve amazing achievements. Plus, the advantages of hiring an executive coach are numerous. They can help entrepreneurs/Founders/CEOs get the personalized guidance they need to make the difficult choices necessary to create a successful company.

As one of the top coaches in the organizational development field, Monte Wyatt (CEO of AddingZEROS Executive Development) brings over 25 years of remarkable leadership, business, and personal development experience to executives and business leaders. He creates leadership and management clarity to CEOs and their executive teams through strategic thinking and execution planning.

Monte’s career began with 14 years in global agricultural chemical production; during that time, he worked in sales, sales training, sales management, and marketing management. He gained knowledge about every facet of the business, particularly the development of team members and their skill sets. With that in mind, the expert leadership coach decided to create his own organization and make an impact in many industries and executive teams. For the past 19 years, Monte has been bringing clarity to how executives lead and manage their organizations.

Furthermore, he believes that, similar to sports, a business experiences ups and downs as well as new challenges. “In sports, we call time outs to refocus and gain new momentum, which is the same in business. Every 90 days (or as frequently as needed), we call a time out and get realigned as an executive and an organization,” says Monte.

During this process, Monte and his clients determine the appropriate short-term priorities and ensure they are connected to the organization’s yearly and long-term priorities. This quarterly planning day method has a significant positive impact on team accountability, engagement, and alignment.

A Global Executive and Organizational Development Firm

AddingZEROS is a global Executive and Organizational Development firm with facilitators located around the world. Monte and his team help CEOs and executive teams with Strategic Thinking and Execution Planning. This includes organizational discipline and strategic planning with executive coaching and development.

The firm focuses on growing revenue and profits while adding zeros in every aspect of an organization: engagement, culture, employee and customer acquisition and retention, and community involvement. Its process creates organizational discipline in the areas of Strategy, Business Development, People, Execution, and Mission.

Find The Right Coach

 According to Monte, a great coach offers four things: Awareness, Education, Implementation, and Discipline, which are essential for achieving both personal and business growth. “Awareness helps you see things that you cannot see on your own; we all have blind spots. Education is about bringing knowledge and skills in every area of business and personal growth, from strategic planning to sales and marketing, to communication and relationships, and everywhere in between. Implementation focuses on how new actions can work for you and your organization. There is no silver bullet or cookie-cutter approach. Discipline ensures that follow-through and accountability occur. Without action, we only have words,” says Monte.

Coaching Impact on Client’s Businesses

The CEO and executive team who are passionate about teamwork and self-investment, motivated by a great future vision, and prepared for an excellent journey are the core customers of AddingZEROS. Its clients range from 50 employees to thousands of employees. The impact and results Monte and his team have assisted their clients in achieving range from increasing workforce size with increased profitability to fostering cultures of more teamwork and personal accountability. Each client has specific areas to improve, opportunities, and goals. Their process personalizes the focused disciplines in order to obtain the desired results.

The Current Industry Scenario

Over the past 24 months, the world has experienced the Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting, Lying Flat, Quiet Firing, and a potential Great Recession in our future,” says Monte. These are all seemingly new terms but not new scenarios. Organizations must forge a stronger emotional bond with their employees and the company’s future in order to meet these global challenges.

People will quit if there is no emotional connection because they will no longer be enthusiastic about the organization, its direction, its culture, or their jobs. Every business has room for improvement; the key questions are 1) do they want to change, and 2) are they willing to access outside assistance?

Key Qualities That Every CEO and Executive Should Have

When leaders solely prioritize productivity, their employees become dissatisfied, less engaged, and start seeking new positions. Therefore, a successful business is one that is sustainable, predictable, stable, consistent, and has an emotional connection. As a CEO or executive, leaders must constantly be working toward this definition.

In working towards building a successful business, there are three attributes that I believe are critical. First, you must be an abundant thinker. An abundant thinker approaches challenges and opportunities with a ‘how can we’ mindset. A scarcity mindset says, ‘we can’t or ‘it’s not possible.’ Without abundant thinking, a team will continue to hit roadblocks and struggle,” explains Monte.

He adds, “A second critical attribute is asking more than telling. One of the main roles of an executive is to teach others how to think. If you are the only one who makes decisions or thinks creatively, your long-term success will be limited. The final attribute that I will share is big-picture thinking. When I think of the big picture, I see that everything is connected. Every decision impacts everyone and every department. As a CEO or executive, you are responsible for not only the company but everyone involved. Seeing the big picture helps you see farther and more than others.

Future Roadmap 

AddingZEROS CEO Monte has a 10-year vision to impact 1 million executives around the world. He wants to assist them in developing into great leaders, thinkers, and doers. The expert leadership coach has started a global podcast called “What’s Your Ceiling?” in addition to his one-on-one and team relationships with clients.

The goal of his podcast is to assist listeners in overcoming obstacles and challenges. Executives have an incredible influence on growing people and their behaviors. The world is a better place with Monte and his AddingZEROS team working with CEOs and executives.

Words of Wisdom

Being an award-winning executive leadership coach and entrepreneur, Monte shares some advice, “The number one need I see in organizations and executives is the ability to communicate clearly. Communication is a challenge that I hear from every business at every level. A critical business move is to learn how to communicate clearly with timeliness by understanding your audience and taking ownership of how others understand your message. Too often, we blame our audience for not understanding. It is important for executives to learn this skill.


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