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World - 2020

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Dr. Niama T. Malachi, the CEO and Principal Consultant of The Social Consult. a woman of integrity, persistence, and extreme hard work, propelling men and women to become better individuals using key principles of Social, Community, Consulting, and Positive Psychology, in order to help organizations, leaders, and individuals, overcome the... Read More
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Debra Ruh, CEO, and Founder of Ruh global IMPACT started her career in the technology and banking industries. She began her career at AT&T as an overseas operator helping customers connect to international calls and help cruise ships make phone calls all over the world. It was interesting but she... Read More
In this world of phishing, and plagiarism, where horses are not merely animals but have become invaders to your privacy, and cybercrime, is realer than ever at this time and hour, Debbie Reynolds, the CEO and founder of Debbie Reynolds Consulting helps companies navigate their Data Privacy obligations with Data... Read More
Headhunting was born out of a dream. After 20 years working in the corporate world, she wanted something new, something of her own, and something she would be proud of. She was in the Human Resource and Recruitment industry from the early days of her career. In school, she had... Read More
Ewa Pasewicz started in the financial sector (Citigroup) and at the same time, she was studying at the Warsaw School of Economics in Warsaw on Quantitative Methods and Information Systems in Economy. After Citi, she started her career in IT, at the begging it was the commercialization of mobile payments... Read More
Natural resources are indispensable, especially in this era of sustainable development and increased focus on reducing industrialization. Melissa L. Meeker, the CEO and Founder of The Water Tower, is creating a water innovation ecosystem in Gwinnett County, Georgia, focused on helping utilities around the world become more progressive. The Water... Read More
Journey since the beginning of career. Started my career as a teenager who couldn’t wait to work, but it was so hard to get a chance. That’s what I remember clearly, I got rejected time after time due to not having experience, but I thought how can I have previous... Read More
Fashion is ever-changing, and keeping that in mind, with a goal of managing this dynamic industry, Lyft Brands Group creates, builds, and manages own and other’s brands in the fashion and retail industries. Sara Fernstrom, the CEO and former Managing director of Lyft Brands Group works with a strong, staunch,... Read More

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