Ewa Pasewicz- Co-Owner at Causeway BTI

Merging two worlds

Ewa Pasewicz started in the financial sector (Citigroup) and at the same time, she was studying at the Warsaw School of Economics in Warsaw on Quantitative Methods and Information Systems in Economy. After Citi, she started her career in IT, at the begging it was the commercialization of mobile payments at Polish Security Printing Works, then work at integrator systems – MCX. She recognizes as a very important step in her career was her experience at IBM. It was also time when she was finishing a Master’s degree at the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) with a specialization in Business Information Technology. All of that gave her a chance to be more independent when she has created the banking sector at IMPAQ or was responsible for the commercialization process as Vice President at eSecure. The first one was about security solutions for the financial sector and the second one refer to cybersecurity solution like Security Orchestration Automation and Response, known as SOAR or SIEM group of products. After 16 years of experience in IT in Europe, she has decided with her family to move to US (Florida) and launch her own company,

Causeway Bridge to Innovation LLC. They merge two worlds – Europe and the United States. These experiences allow them to have an open mind and to notice, too differentiate, to find connections and to respond to needs, to gaps. This review allows them to have distance and see where and how demand can be met in the fastest and most innovative way possible. They like to say — they are Polish by birth but with American soul.

They deeply understand IT but also business perspective. Time to market is as important to them as it is to their
clients. They are local but at the same time they deeply understand European market from formal and behavioral

Struggles and successes

The industry is innovative and very changeable. That’s why one has to be creative and interesting all the time. One
has to like to learn, listen to the market, especially the customers, their needs. It’s the best way to learn what’s needed and to react to changing requirements as quickly as possible. They find this fascinating, but they realize that it can be a challenge.

The foundation of the company’s existence is laid in the context of cooperation with partners in Poland, as well as cooperation with local clients in the US. It’s just working — they have great customers, they love what they do, they
expand in software development, cybersecurity, and managed services. They support local startups and also huge
American corporates. They deliver value, they are proud that they can be part of their customer’s success. They will also create a new startup and hire more people in the next few months. They are thrilled that they can do what they do. They smile every day when they start their work.

Future goals and advice
Their goal for the future is to expand their services with respect to their values. They will hire more people and they will launch a new startup to support relationships.

Her advice for emerging entrepreneurs is to “Always trust your feelings. I believe that you cannot do the business with the people who you don’t like from the very beginning. Also learning new things every day is very important. You will be surprised how quickly you find that as valuable. Be prepared for hard work but also for freedom and always remember to give time to yourself to find your creativity. Sometimes close to your computer and go for a walk. Even when you think that you don’t have time for that. You will be surprised how many challenges you will solve after 30 minutes’ walk.”

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