Sabrina El-Chibini – CEO and founder The Collaboration Vector Inc.

Working with business to create sustainable social impact for people

Sabrina El-Chibini is CEO and founder of The Collaboration Vector Inc. and originator of a unique, evidence-based framework for moving corporate community investment from transactional to transformational.

The Collaboration Vector Inc. has differentiated itself by working with companies and their non-profit partners to build community programs that generate innovative, long-term, sustainable solutions to societal challenges.

Companies build impactful relationships with stakeholders as they develop and retain their leaders through purpose-filled programs that are both centrally aligned and locally expressed. They are naturally finding their “sweet spot” of community investment leading to efficiency, spurring business success, and consistent innovation.

The rise of the company

Long before conversations about corporate social responsibility became mainstream, Sabrina learned that when people at every level in an organization feel engaged in a common social mission, magic happens. She had the opportunity to help two independent hospitals work more closely together for the benefit of their common patients. Working with executives and health care teams to simplify processes and ensure continuity in care when patients transferred from one hospital to the other, Sabrina learned that succeeding in improving care had everything to do with deeply engaging people.

This held true in every sector of the economy. When people became engaged through purpose, not only did they develop in rich and meaningful ways, but innovation and creativity flowed. While further developing this notion in the public, private, non-profit sectors and in mandates with the United Nations Development Programme, it became clear that some of the greatest opportunities for developing people, growing and innovating would be catalyzed in the intersection between business and society.

For the business sector specifically, deeply engaging with employees and external stakeholders around a common mission of solving social problems, could very possibly hold the key to the kingdoms companies are striving to build: finding purpose, developing leaders, engaging employees, retaining top talent, strengthening customer loyalty, and building trust, great cultures and reputations.

Sabrina founded The Collaboration Vector Inc. in 2011 with a mission of supporting businesses in tapping into these opportunities that generate social and business value.

Overcoming obstacles

Creating a business like this is not a cakewalk, with the greatest challenge being the engagement of decision-makers in committing to long term transformational and consistent growth versus the allure of short-term transactional activities. With most companies having been transactional in their community investment practices over the past decades, many questions were left unanswered. Companies were uncertain about where their time and money should be spent, unsure if their investments were doing the most good, and unclear about the optimal balance between “work” and “community” life.

During COVID-19, The Collaboration Vector Inc. witnessed first-hand the robustness of client programs that were founded and built on solving social problems. Long-term community partners, supported by long-term business partners, collaborated efficiently to enable non-profits to adapt their service models. Many non-profits distributed food and essential goods to community members in need, even if it meant temporarily deviating from their original missions. Not only did these partnerships remain stable during COVID-19, but collaboration between sectors reached an all-time high. Employees gave generously over and above funds given by their employers, while non-profits reported on the immediate impact of these contributions.

Circumstances have led all sectors to come full circle with a state of readiness to embrace purpose and community in a way this world has not seen since the days of the early settlers and pioneers. Corporate community programs are a natural vehicle for achieving this. With respect to moving forward in building a better world and making social progress, Sabrina believes business and the global workforce will seek longer-term, meaningful sustainable solutions.

Focus on the Future

What’s next?  The company’s core offering continues to grow as thought is provoked among visionary business leaders about a different approach to community investment. The team is applying the company’s framework to an expanded set of stakeholders for engagement with business on social change.

Words of Wisdom

“Focus, then persevere”, says Sabrina, when asked keys to success and what advice she would give budding young entrepreneurs.

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