DR. NIAMA T. MALACHI – CEO & Principle consultant – The Social Consult

Transforming lives one moment at a time

Dr. Niama T. Malachi, the CEO and Principal Consultant of The Social Consult. a woman of integrity, persistence, and extreme hard work, propelling men and women to become better individuals using key principles of Social, Community, Consulting, and Positive Psychology, in order to help organizations, leaders, and individuals, overcome the obstacles that lives throw at them, helping them live better, fulfilled lives.

The Social Consult is a consulting agency specializing in leadership and achievement, organizational development, performance improvement, corporate wellness, and work/life balance. The Social Consult offers an array of services including 1:1 Executive Coaching, C-Suite Support Services, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Consulting, and Organizational Development services including risk assessments and strategic planning. But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and so wasn’t the present CEO of The Social consult, They say “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”
Malachi helps individuals do exactly that, but the journey wasn’t an easy one. A woman who became a mother at 17, at an age where teenagers live off their parents’ money, she decided to fulfill her dreams and satisfy her family’s needs. With great persistence and a resolute attitude, she would make sure work gets done, no matter what it requires,

She told: “If there is an objective an individual client or an organization wants to meet, I use every tool I have to make sure they make it there,” which speaks a lot about her personality and work ethic.
Problem-solving capacity What’s pretty impressing about her is her problem-solving capacity conspicuous in her
answer to the impact of COVID- 19, she fathoms the reality, works on it, and believes that if need be, one should gather the team again, and make use of whatever resources one has, and design another way out. “Dust off that strategic plan, call your team together, and hit the boardroom or should I say Zoom interface, and don’t forget to hire a Consulting Psychologist,” she told us.

Another event which introduces to her ‘never give up’ attitude is when she garnered courage and moved out of a destitute area to Bowling Green State University along with her daughter. She went on to fulfill her dream of getting a doctorate and simultaneously working as a quality director under the umbrella of a Fortune 500 company, but as much as she enjoyed her job, it didn’t satisfy her the way she wanted. Hence she took her leap of faith and went on to
open her agency, marketed it on her own, and the catch is she never thought she could make it, but she did and today is a true diva.

Obstacles faced

She faced immense obstacles alongside being an African American woman from a marginalized area, the potential or her capacity to work wasn’t a hindrance in her way, but the opinions and the perspective of people towards her were. with and experience of working 21 days straight, and for 22 hours straight too, the doctorate of a caucasian woman was always appreciated more than hers. But that couldn’t restrain her, she did give her all, to the point that she faced impostor syndrome, she couldn’t voice her opinions because of the fear of getting judged and not getting promoted. But as good happens to the good, her boss mentored her into becoming the fierce and confident woman she’s today, by working on her communication skills. In this way, she gives back to society, who once gave her. She decided to not fit in Cinderella’s glass slipper and decided to get her own pair, and she did it right.

Words of Wisdom

Her piece of wisdom to the budding entrepreneurs is :

“Take your time and get it right in the development phase of the process. It may feel like you are running out of time, but you are not. By remaining calm, thinking critically, and logically, you will save time on redundancies and errors. Also, do not be afraid. I cannot say this enough. Fear is immobilizing and it keeps you powerless. Rise above it. If something makes you afraid, if it is not morally, ethically, or legally wrong, do that something.”

All in all her belief in herself, support from her family, the intention of giving back to society has made her a true boss lady she is today.

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