Debbie Reynolds – CEO and founder of Debbie Reynolds Consulting

The Data Diva

In this world of phishing, and plagiarism, where horses are not merely animals but have become invaders to your privacy, and cybercrime, is realer than ever at this time and hour, Debbie Reynolds, the CEO and founder of Debbie Reynolds Consulting helps companies navigate their Data Privacy obligations with Data Privacy Officer solutions, the Data Privacy program implementation, management, and evaluation, and education They work with perseverance, hard work and integrity with software companies to evaluate tools for Data Privacy by design and compliance or to help mature companies pivot into new markets. They also work with investor groups on due diligence who want to know more about the Data Privacy market conditions, the players in the markets, and market trends. They help companies move from idea to action.

The rise of the company

The journey to excellence isn’t a plain road, it is full of rocks and potholes. Debbie is an exemplary leader, her career started with the love of data flows when using technology. She became her own teacher but didn’t let the student in her go away, she taught herself everything and was always fascinated as the digital age has evolved in the last few decades.

She leveraged her data skills in Library Science, Publishing, Technology, and now Data Privacy. She worked with investor groups, software companies, companies with regulatory Data Privacy challenges, and those who need guidance on navigating the Data Privacy landscape in actionable ways.

Struggles and Successes

After talking about the inception, it is time to talk about data privacy, which is a complex field because technology changes rapidly, so being technologically sound and advanced is a major struggle as well as a challenge and, is essential to be in the A game as it plays an indispensable role in the impact on business.

According to the United Nations, about 57% of countries in the world have Data Privacy legislation. Another 30% of countries are in the process of exploring the process of creating new legislation. Data stands between the technology
and the regulations, which means companies must find ways to eliminate barriers that would slow or stop their progress. Finding ways for businesses to anticipate and be well-positioned for changes is vital to my advisory work.
There is a rapid market demand for technology implementation as all types of companies are now focusing on working from home, and use of mobile applications to track corona-virus carriers. Now companies want better data
privacy system, and Debbie and her team helps them navigate these issues and put plans and actions in place to move businesses forward. Moving forward, they have also turned their struggles into successes,Most companies are now data companies, so we advise clients on Data Privacy issues all over the world in many industries. We are members of 15 Advisory Boards and have received 11 special honors.We also have 71 media mentions and have contributed to publications including the book, The GDPR Challenge: Privacy, Technology, and Compliance In An Age of Accelerating Change,
publications like The International Journal for the Data Protection Officer, Privacy Officer, and
Privacy Counsel, Bloom-berg Business, Thomson Reuters West, The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), Digiday, Legal-tech News,, Law360, The Recorder, Legal Business World, Toyo Keizai Japan, and American Lawyer,” Debbie told.

Future goals and Advice to the youth

Debbie is an inspiration to all the women and young entrepreneurs out there but her journey has just begun, her goal still remains to continue to provide stellar advisory solutions to her clients and to become a voice on data privacy issues worldwide, he passion and aim of keeping data safeguarded has made a major mark in this industry, and they do want to keep at it. She also gave a piece of advice to the young entrepreneurs

“ I would advise budding entrepreneurs to find a support group of like-minded entrepreneurs in different industries going through entrepreneurial journeys. It is great to have the ability to exchange ideas and know that your product or services may differ, but you can learn so much from one another. Also, not everyone will support you and your vision, especially if it is a unique
idea or service. Do not give up and find ways to motivate yourself to persevere,”

And that truly makes her stand out.

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