Judith Rodriguez and Diane Marques

Scripting the new-age Solutions for Enhanced Customer Experience

As a result of the new landscape, brands need innovative ways to serve customers, understand their needs, and creating solutions to ensure their success and happiness. For years, brands have relied on traditional business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions to augment their own in-house customer support services and deliver a great customer experience (CX). However, the majority of those traditional BPOs were negatively impacted through the pandemic, and most are still trying to recover. 

Agata Zasada

Tough on the Problem, Kind on the People

For Agata Zasada, failure has only helped her to continue to grow. She graduated high school early and on a confident note, skipped a grade only to fail out of her first semester in post-secondary education. She couldn’t continue the year, kept waiting two more semesters to restart from scratch, spent the year sulking and living with the consequences. The incident had a humbling effect on her. She understood the importance of scoring right, but the lesson wasn’t over yet. 

Michele Ahlman

An Eternal Optimist Leader Focused on Growth

One may or may not believe in the law of attraction. The choice certainly is in our hands. And our choices generally determine the course of our life. Happiness and challenges are a part of everyone’s life and our focus determines what grows in our life. For any given adverse situation, we may choose to complain, whine and do absolutely nothing about it. Or we may choose to take it as it is and work our way out of it.

Dr. Lisa Coleman

A Transformer Focusing on Globally-specific Equitable Best Practices

Dr. Lisa Coleman currently serves as NYUs’ inaugural Senior Vice President for Global Inclusion and Strategic Innovation. She teaches at NYU Stern School of Business and NYU Abu-Dhabi. Her work globally spans strategic GIDBEA and innovation efforts related to the future of work, education, and other emerging fields; developing research; harnessing innovation; cultivating global entrepreneurial markets; and developing cross-sector inclusive C-Suite leadership models. 

Sheryl Battles

Storyteller. Strategist. Thought leader

Growing up in a small town, Sheryl Battles experienced racial segregation early in her school life. When she joined an elementary school in the second grade along with two other Black students, she learned what it felt like not to belong because she was ‘different’ from several others. However, it was also where she learned how affirming it feels when someone reaches out and includes you, acknowledging not only your differences but your similarities as humans.

Frances Holmes

Passionately Driving Change

For women, maintaining silence, even when they are ill-treated, is all too common. It has been indoctrinated in us, generations after generations, those good women stay silent. Breaking this mindset takes courage, strength and cannot be achieved by an individual, it will take a Revolution of individuals who dares to take a stand and also help others to do so. Frances Holmes, CEO, and Founder Of Speak Out Revolution is one such woman who is speaking out to drive change.

Shannon P. Murree

A Tenacious Leader helping women Connect and Grow

Thankfully, there are people like Shannon Murree who learned the importance of handling their finances the tough way but are making sure that they look out for women who need assistance. Through The Canadian Women’s Investment Network ™ “Canadian WIN™” Shannon is providing a supportive, educational-based network and a safe, non-judgemental and approachable environment for women to learn about financial security and wealth creation strategies.

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