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“We are all storytellers. We all live in a network of stories. There isn’t a stronger connection between people than storytelling.”

–Jimmy Neil Smith

BlewMinds is a new age, radical & transformation-thinking eclectic boutique full services StoryTelling Consulting organization.

After having experienced the typical corporate set-ups, with their standard myopic perspectives, & the lack of empathy, Mr. Sandeep along with his Co-Founder Ms. Vishwapriya started BlewMinds out of this compelling revolutionary need to enable Organisations & Individuals towards sustainable growth & progress.

Our Founders, Mr. Sandeep Kochhar & Ms. Vishwapriya Kochhar have deep expertise in their respective fields.

Sandeep has been recognized as one of the Top Voices (India) of LinkedIn for the year 2019. He has over 360,000 followers with an average readership of 7Million a month. He is an Internationally recognized StoryTeller, TEDx speaker & an Intelligent Certified Leadership Coach. His expertise lies in aspects of StoryTelling, Technology & Business Consulting.

Vishwapriya is an Oxford Scholar & Ambassador with more than 16 years of experience in the field of Human Resources (HR). She is an awardee of the World’s Best Storyteller by WHRD & has been awarded the title of ‘Iconic Woman Creating a Better World for All’ by the Women Economic Forum – for transformational contributions towards Women Skill Development & Empowerment Space. Her expertise includes HR, Organization Development, Culture Change & Leadership Coaching.

As an organization, we are committed to creating content by weaving heartfelt passionate stories both for Individuals & Organisations across platforms. With over 1500 stories, we have expanded our market reach to 150Million views. As a team of multidisciplinary intelligent Individuals, we aspire to fulfil our purpose towards transforming people & businesses, helping others, enabling their progress & creating equal opportunities. From hiring in the Diversity space, enabling LGBTQ+ communities, Sensitivity Training in areas of unconscious bias, to coaching & enabling ‘diverse Individuals’, we work with our clients in creating endless possibilities of growth by overcoming setbacks & using adversities as stepping up challenges to rise like the proverbial phoenix. We believe in the theme of “Believe, Be & Beyond”.

Our value system as an organization is just around one non-negotiable capability -Respect. We believe that even amidst differences & diversity, we need to respect another & their views. Our concept of self -love is deeply embedded within this value system. We first start with respecting self, then respecting others, then the organization & then the community.

BlewMinds’ foundation is based upon the unconventional & sustainably impactful art of traditional StoryTelling repurposed for corporate, individualistic uses across online/offline platforms.

Started in the year 2016, today BlewMinds is now engaging with over 150 clients, across industries & geographies – with a spread of services at different levels & domains. StoryTelling is being used as a means rather than an end, to provide solutions to business & individual problems. Our services include: Corporate StoryTelling, Executive & Diversity Hiring, Flagship Signature Offerings, Human Resource Consulting, Influencer Marketing & Brand Communications, Leadership Consulting, Management Consulting, Public Relations & Thought Leadership.

BlewMinds has placed itself strategically into the space of bridging gaps between cropping needs & state-of-the-art services. Our offerings of StoryTelling, Diversity Hiring, powerful intelligent content & Influencer Marketing has distinguished us from a typical Consulting firm giving us leverage to grow organically till date. Our work in these micro niche spaces has provided us a platform to expand.

BlewMinds has been deeply integrated with its founder’s core principles, his influence & reach to create a scalable & sustainable revenue streams. Sandeep’s Social Media followership & Network has been the primary source of our clientele.

BlewMinds believe that every individual is a Leader in his own capacity who can be invested-in to better themselves for organizational & personal efficacy. Hence, their Leadership Coaching aims to ‘bring out’ the Leader in Individuals. For us, our culture is more than just the writing on the wall. It is about how you make a difference.

It is about those symbols, values, beliefs, unwritten code of ethics, unspoken code of respect, our roots of humility, our hunger to learn, how we make another feel in our presence, how we add sustainable value to our conversations & our work. Our culture thrives on openness, agility, intelligence, being sharp, directness, emotional safety environment, authenticity & being real.

Our Vision is about making an impact. Our purpose is about leaving our positive intent & life’s purpose on the table much after we have left the room. We hope to infect every individual & organization we meet with a heightened sense of Purpose & Self Leadership. We wish to touch, impact & drive change across Individuals, Organisations, institutions & communities.

Our clients range from established global conglomerates to Start-ups all over the world. We are also working with close to 100 colleges & universities across India to transform more than Million lives. Parallelly we work in the B2C segment to facilitate Individuals to move closer to becoming their next best versions. BlewMinds have won several contracts where leading consulting companies were also competing.


Some of the successful client case studies:

  1. A StoryTelling intervention for an Insurance Industry Leader, which resulted in improved productivity of non-performers & encouraged high potential employees.
  2. Leadership workshops for a Tech-Service provider MNC, in their offices throughout India, with the outcomes focused upon development of their Leadership.


BlewMinds has also partnered with a rapidly flourishing Start-up supporting them in streamlining & digitizing their HR operations.

– We have been collaborating with multiple Leading Organisations with the aim to provide equal opportunities to diverse categories ranging from PwD, LGBTQ+, Women with career breaks, retired servicemen/women.

Our contribution in the lives of many Individuals & professionals as well as during the life-cycles of many Organisations has brought us closer to our vision to touch & transform 5Billion lives by Year 2030.

We have utilized the ancient pass time of StoryTelling to impact more than 50Million people & counting.

By – Sandeep Kochhar


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