Education in non-futuristic Technological Singularity

The hypothetical theory of technological singularity effectively represents an approximation to the intellectual explosion described by futuristic scientists.

The universe can enter into a “runaway reaction” of self-improvement cycles, with each new generation of artificial intelligence appearing faster and faster, generating a kind of “intellectual explosion” and ultimately creating a super intelligence that surpasses the intelligence of all mankind.

It is difficult to anticipate a global “intellectual explosion” in a synergistically complex system of universes of niche and eco-systemic changes.

However, the “intelligence explosion” at the micro level is no longer a futuristic concept.

Intellectual explosion as a concept of eureka that unites into a single information field of dreams, skills, talent, future strategy and vision of achieving planned paths.

And this information field is created and driven by information, education as a stimulator of eternal search, questions, movement of the mind, which definitely affects the youth and energy of consciousness.

Education in Business and Business for Education

Education as a formal process in principle does not require detail. It is interesting to educate as a process of balancing and information space, when it is necessary to withstand the flows of information toxicity, to isolate relevant information, to form a vision for its adaptation in accordance with trends and prospects for development.

Education in business is a daily extraordinary path of entrepreneurship, full of hope, hard work, inspiration, disappointment, victories, and so on.

Business education is about interaction.

And in this respect, all actors can have different guises from top managers to potential customers.

Interaction in business forms a canvas of knowledge from existing, which is experience to demand.

And business for education forms a landscape of perspective skills puts requirements to the competitive expert.

And it is extremely important that business education and business for education work together for the benefit of professional growth, business scaling, brand formation of educational institutions.

Diffusion of changes

On the one hand, education affects business by training future professionals who are potential entrepreneurs, employees. Business influences education by formulating requirements for future professionals, involvement directly in the educational process.

The impact of education on business and business on education is cooperation and it should be circular and responsible. Responsible education forms a competitive specialist, but only if the business has responsibly defined the criteria and its needs. Responsible business is involved in the formation of educational content, but only when responsible education is able and willing to change (updating educational information, the use of real cases, and new technologies for the formation of critical, innovative thinking).

Business for me is a story about inspiration, team, interaction, responsibility, stress, manufacturability, long-term goals and so on.

And there are still a lot of feelings, emotions, states, conditions in business, the most important thing here is not to betray your dream and not to stop.

Knowledge theory today is going through difficult times, because the rapid pace of their updating sometimes does not allow information to be transformed into knowledge.

Modern business education should cover the areas of emotional intelligence, information skills, the ability to form their own individual strategies for professional and personal development, and usually form key performance indicators of a particular unit of time and this is a story of high efficiency, optimization, digitalization, priority and responsibility in general.

Educational inspiration

 All energy is spiritual in nature. Education as a concentration of modern, important, practical, inspiring content is important and necessary for business in conditions of overload, crisis time management. And here it is important that education has prepared a package of certain skills (micro-degrees, micro-credits) for the needs of business. From business intelligence to organizing online events.

Business education exists because business needs it.

Business education is in demand because business ecosystems are rapidly evolving and shrinking.

Often business sets the bias, and education adapts it to different categories: from beginners to professionals.

Education is not a guarantee of success, but a field of opportunities. Sometimes quite biased. From acquaintance with classmates and the beginning of the path of startups to catching ideological inspiration during brainstorming.

It is like the insiders of a certain person: for some they are meaningless, for some they are theoretically or practically useful, and for others they are an ideological catharsis that arose on the basis of a certain word, an emotional impulse of another person.

You never know where the inspiration will pick you up), but education creates ideal conditions for concentrating a little like you on the desire for knowledge!

Globally, technological advances such as digitalization, IoT, Big Data, and AI continue to influence how companies create value for their customers. Any graduate who clearly understands these technological trends and their architecture will be in high demand.

The impact is likely to be more pronounced in developed economies.

But at the same time, companies are spending a lot of money ordering soft skills training such as leadership, communication skills, creativity and innovative thinking.

MBA graduates do not have to be computer engineers, electrical engineers or data scientists. But they need to understand that much of the value creation in companies revolves around connectivity and platforms (IoT and sensor networks) and interpreting the vast amounts of data generated around the clock by anything / anywhere / anytime connected customers and products.

Entrepreneurs who do not have a clear understanding of how technology solutions can create value for consumers will be hopelessly stuck in a competitive quagmire, because everything is somehow related to the intelligence of customers.

Self-education as a macro-habit

 Self-education of each of us takes place every day, because we live in the flow of information space. The self-education of business people has one important characteristic. In conditions of constant lack of time, they need concentrated educational resources. And they can get them both on their own and by attending business schools.

But education should never meet the demands of others. Education is your path to your dreams. Knowledge of ecosystems with which you will work with human resources and communication, online management of remote teams, strategy building skills and identification of key performance indicators is required.

Choosing whether online courses or formal education is a responsible choice, because you are investing in one of the most valuable categories – your time. Be responsible, be proactive and always call for help, because we are stronger together.

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