Todd N. Robinson, Esq.

Proficient in Structuring and Negotiating Private Equity Real Estate Deals

Attorneys play a crucial role in the realm of real estate, serving as indispensable guides and protectors throughout the complex legal landscape of property transactions. Their expertise and specialized knowledge are essential for navigating the intricate web of laws and regulations that govern real estate deals. Whether it’s purchasing or selling property, negotiating contracts, conducting due diligence, resolving disputes, or ensuring compliance with zoning and land use regulations, attorneys provide invaluable advice and assistance at every step. With their assistance, individuals and businesses can make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and safeguard their interests, ultimately ensuring smooth and successful real estate transactions.

Todd N. Robinson, Esq, Founder of Robinson Franzman LLP, is a phenomenal attorney and influential industry leader with a national commercial real estate practice, who offers a full suite of legal services to clients from all sides of the deal – buying, selling, or financing. Under his guidance, the firm experienced a surge in popularity and embarked on a trajectory toward a more promising future.  Todd specializes in equity transactions, including joint ventures, recapitalizations, acquisitions, dispositions, and both borrower and lender-side financings for domestic and international clients.  Mr. Robinson is the head of the Firm’s Commercial Real Estate Practice, Managing Partner, and a member of the Executive Committee.  Firm clients turn to Todd as the go-to lawyer in the industry for commercial real estate transactions on behalf of borrowers, lenders, and private equity investors.

The Entrepreneurial Journey of Todd

In 2012, Todd completed his education at Emory University School of Law and embarked on his legal journey as an attorney specializing in real estate and business litigation. This initial experience served as a strong foundation as he transitioned into transactional law, with a specific focus on becoming a deal lawyer. From the start, the influential leader had a clear aspiration to establish his own firm and cultivate personal client connections.

To lay the groundwork for this, Todd actively networked with fellow lawyers, industry leaders, and business owners early in his career. While honing his expertise as a lawyer specializing in commercial real estate investment and finance, he gradually fostered client relationships that eventually led him to establish his own firm in 2018.

At present, Robinson Franzman boasts a team of 27 attorneys and staff members, earning a renowned standing both within the local community and nationwide as the leading law firm specializing in multifamily investment and finance transactions. The firm’s expertise encompasses securities offerings under the Securities Act of 1933, solidifying its position as the preferred choice in this field.

Dare To Be Different

Responsiveness stands as the foremost advantage possessed by any law firm, and Todd consistently emphasizes this to his team on a daily basis. Given the interchangeable nature of lawyers, if a client perceives a lack of attention from their assigned attorney, they are likely to seek services elsewhere. It is Todd’s number one goal to make sure every RF client feels like the only RF client.

Consequently, Robinson Franzman’s primary objective is to ensure that each client receives its undivided attention, making them feel as though they are the sole focus. To stay ahead of the competition, the firm employs targeted marketing strategies, participating in activities that yield the highest return on investment.

Tackling Legal Challenges in Commercial Real Estate

According to Todd, the economic difficulties that his clients frequently encounter stem from the escalation of interest rates. Commercial real estate transactions and investments are directly affected by the state of the economy. When interest rates rise, it becomes necessary for prices to decrease. Unfortunately, this often leads to stalled deals as buyers are unable to generate profits. To address these challenges, the influential leader and his team offer counseling to their clients on pricing considerations, financing options regarding interest rate caps, and negotiating favorable terms with sellers.

Transforming Obstacles into Pathways to Success

When asked to share some examples of challenging commercial real estate cases or transactions that Robinson Franzman has successfully handled, Todd replied that last year, he and his team successfully completed a highly intricate deal in Texas involving a portfolio of 1000 units over three different properties. The transaction proved to be complex due to the involvement of a Wall Street institutional lender, three properties, and two different investor groups. To ensure the smooth progress of the transaction, they staffed multiple attorneys and paralegals to the deal given the volume of deal work involved.. Despite the challenges, Todd and his team successfully closed the deal, enabling their clients to surpass the impressive milestone of $1 billion in assets.

Key Qualities And Skills Of A Successful Entrepreneur

To thrive as an entrepreneurial lawyer, one must possess a unique set of qualities and skills that pave the way for success in the dynamic and challenging business world. While entrepreneurial endeavors vary widely across industries and ventures, certain key attributes consistently emerge as critical factors for achieving success. According to Todd, for an entrepreneurial lawyer to be successful, it’s important to possess these key attributes. He states, “I like to call it that “fire in the belly.” Never being satisfied or complacent with your current station in your business life. Also, having endless curiosity on how to improve and make your business more efficient. Having a vision and practical goals to achieve are critical. Finally, being able to deliver the highest quality legal product and customer service is critical to success as a lawyer.”

One-Line Quote

When Todd was asked to share a one-line quote that encapsulates his approach to business and his vision, he proudly proclaims, “Robinson Franzman LLP is a law firm dedicated to assisting clients with capitalizing on opportunities and solving complex challenges.”

Key Milestones

Robinson Franzman LLP is currently focused on growth, aiming to extend its services to additional states to advance its clients’ interests and objectives. As the Founder, Todd’s vision includes the firm having offices in Texas, California, Florida, Tennessee, and New York, as well as other jurisdictions driven by client demand.

Upcoming Trends Or Innovations

The impact of artificial intelligence on the property management business is a fascinating area to explore. AI has the potential to revolutionize tenant interactions by addressing concerns, efficiently managing work orders and complaints, and ultimately enhancing service quality. The topic of whether artificial intelligence has the capability to generate legal documents is a subject of ongoing debate. However, Todd expresses his skepticism about the possibility of AI completely taking over this field.

Significant Achievements

From humble beginnings in the basement, armed with only a laptop, Todd has nurtured Robinson Franzman into a thriving law firm. Today, it stands proud as a multiple seven figure law firm with a team of 27 dedicated professionals. Its transaction volume exceeds a staggering $1.5 billion a year, as it diligently serves the commercial real estate sector nationwide. Having successfully closed deals in more than 25 states nationwide, Todd and his team have garnered a reputation that transcends borders. Clients around the globe turn to them for expert guidance and trusted counsel in their ventures to invest in commercial real estate within the United States.

Sage Advice

As a seasoned attorney, and entrepreneur, Todd says, “My advice would be to take the leap of faith and go for it. If you have the drive to succeed and that “fire in the belly,” then you will be successful. Also, always remember the quote: “if you want to go fast, go alone if you want to go far, go together.” You can only do so much by yourself. Having the ability to recognize this and find quality business partners you can trust is of the utmost importance. Also, never let anyone else define your success. Finally, have faith in God and patience in your career – everything happens for a reason, and even setbacks are purposeful, so stay the course and maintain that entrepreneurial spirit even through the hard times.

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