Gian Frey and Studio Frey AG

Leading the Way in Interior Design Innovation.

Gian Frey, the visionary behind Studio Frey AG, is a renowned figure in the world of interior design. Hailing from Zurich, Switzerland, Gian’s journey in the field of interior design has been nothing short of extraordinary. His unwavering passion for design, combined with a relentless pursuit of excellence, has propelled him to the zenith of interior design. In this interview, we delve into the fascinating story of Gian Frey and Studio Frey AG, exploring their philosophy, remarkable achievements, and their distinctive approach to interior design.

Gian Frey’s Formative Years and Entry into Interior Design

Gian Frey’s fascination for design began in his early years, growing up in the picturesque city of Zurich. His innate passion for aesthetics and creativity guided him towards a career in design. He took the pivotal step of enrolling in a course of industrial design in Zurich, and from there, his journey embarked on a remarkable trajectory.

Upon graduating, Gian set his sights on Munich, where he joined Architectural Digest (AD) in an editorial and graphics role. His objective was clear: to enhance his skills as a designer and forge a path towards a successful career in the industry. At AD, Gian garnered invaluable experience and delved deeper into the intricacies of styling, a foundation that would prove instrumental in his future endeavors.

However, Gian’s quest for knowledge and growth didn’t stop there. He then ventured to the design hub of Milan, Italy, to at Matteo Thun. In the heart of Italian design, Gian honed his interior design skills, honing his abilities to create masterful design plans and immersing himself in the Italian design culture.

In 2011, Gian Frey took a bold step, driven by an unwavering belief in his talents and a burning desire to make his mark in the industry. He founded Studio Frey AG in his hometown of Zurich. The decision to open his own design studio was not without its risks, but Gian’s dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence served as a steadfast foundation for his future endeavours.

Studio Frey AG: The Pinnacle of Interior and Brand Design

Studio Frey AG, headquartered in Zurich, has firmly established itself as a leading player in the world of interior and brand design. The studio’s offerings encompass a wide spectrum, including interior design, architecture, branding, typography, web development, and consulting. Gian Frey and his dedicated team are deeply committed to fostering creativity and a sense of collaboration within their work.

The studio’s philosophy is rooted in five core values: a personal approach, individual growth, going the extra mile, nurturing friendships, and embracing individuality. These principles underpin the studio’s every endeavour, creating a unique and vibrant ethos that sets Studio Frey AG apart from the rest.

Key Milestones and Achievements

Since its inception in 2011, Studio Frey AG has achieved a series of remarkable milestones. In the early years, the studio was known as Studio Gian Frey and James Dyer-Smith. In 2018, the studio took on the Pan Asian Interior Design project for Suan Long Niederdorf, marking the start of several significant projects.

In the same year, Studio Frey AG was entrusted with the branding and interior design project for Valor Avec, which led to the establishment of 230 shops throughout Switzerland. The year 2020 witnessed the successful execution of 16 co-working spaces for psychologists under the name “We Practice.” Additionally, the studio introduced its first bakery, “John Baker,” signalling a foray into the culinary world.

By 2022, Studio Frey AG expanded its horizons to office design, garnering recognition for its work on the top floor of an office building in Baar, now serving as the headquarters for Campari Switzerland. These milestones showcase the studio’s remarkable growth and its diverse portfolio of projects, ranging from interior design to branding and beyond.

The Studio Frey AG Difference: Unleashing Creativity and Attention to Detail

What sets Studio Frey AG apart in the world of interior design is its holistic approach. The studio provides services encompassing interior, brand, and furniture design, allowing them to guide clients from the initial concept to the execution and survey of the construction site. Every small design detail is meticulously cared for, reflecting the studio’s commitment to excellence.

Studio Frey AG goes beyond traditional interior design; they assist clients in uncovering clarity, personality, and purpose in their brands, enabling them to establish an unforgettable connection with their audience. The studio places a strong emphasis on celebrating details and fearlessly unleashing creativity, a practice that forms the essence of their success.

The Studio Frey AG Client Experience: A Journey from Concept to Completion

Working with Studio Frey AG is an immersive experience, guided by a comprehensive process. It all begins with a consultation, where the studio’s team actively listens to clients’ needs, hopes, and wishes. A cost estimate is agreed upon, and a vision is crafted that sparks creative inspiration.

Once the vision is finalized, the studio undertakes the meticulous planning and execution, ensuring that every detail aligns with the predetermined timeline. Throughout the construction phase, constant communication is maintained with both clients and skilled tradespeople, ensuring the highest standards are upheld while staying within budget. Finally, the moment of joy arrives as the studio delivers a flawlessly crafted space, ready to be enjoyed and cherished.

A Project of Distinction: The MED-Hub Project

Studio Frey AG takes immense pride in projects that merge branding and interior design. One project that Gian Frey is particularly proud of is the MED-Hub project in Zurich. Serving as the city’s first medical co-working space, the project offers treatment rooms and a spa area for pre- and post-operative treatments. What makes it exceptional, in Gian’s eyes, is the seamless collaboration between branding and interior design, resulting in a space that exudes both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Challenges and Triumphs: A Case of Reinventing Tradition

In the world of interior design, challenges are inevitable. Gian Frey shares a compelling example of a challenging project where the client had reservations about deviating from traditional design conventions. The project in question was the House of Ren, a captivating restaurant that marries traditional elegance with contemporary design. Successfully convincing the client to embrace this innovative approach exemplifies Gian’s ability to navigate complex situations with finesse.

Balancing Client Vision and Design Expertise: The Studio Frey AG Approach

Balancing a client’s vision with the studio’s design expertise is an art that Studio Frey AG has mastered. Gian Frey explains that the studio conducts workshops with clients, carefully analysing their vision and collaboratively finding a common thread. This approach ensures that each project seamlessly combines the client’s aspirations with the studio’s design expertise, resulting in interiors that are both unique and functional.

Leadership Philosophy: Embracing Collaboration and Diversity

Gian Frey’s leadership style is rooted in collaboration and an open-minded approach. He believes that a successful design process is not a top-down one; rather, it thrives on the diversity of creative inputs. Gian actively listens to the ideas of everyone involved, fostering an environment where every voice is not only valued but also contributes to the collective creativity. This collaborative spirit lies at the core of Studio Frey AG’s success.

Trends in Interior Design: A Glimpse into the Future

In the ever-evolving field of interior design, Gian Frey offers insights into current and emerging trends. He emphasizes the growing importance of unique, one-of-a-kind pieces and the shift towards designing office spaces that exude warmth and personality. The idea is to make the office environment feel akin to one’s living room, fostering a sense of belonging and enhancing productivity.

The Future of Studio Frey AG: A Vision of Organic Growth

Gian Frey’s vision for Studio Frey AG in the next five to ten years is to expand their reach with more international projects, further solidifying their name in the global design arena. This expansion necessitates close cooperation with existing suppliers and architects, as well as a greater focus on creative planning and creative direction. The studio’s growth will be organic, driven by their unwavering commitment to excellence.

Gian Frey’s Business Philosophy: Less is More?

Gian Frey’s unique perspective on business is encapsulated in the phrase, “Less is more? Who ever looked at their bank account and said less is more?” His bold and pragmatic approach to business mirrors his ambition and drive for excellence.

Keys to Entrepreneurial Success

Gian Frey believes that open-mindedness and the ability to connect with people are essential qualities for a successful entrepreneur. However, he underscores that creativity alone is not enough; maintaining a delicate balance between creativity and financial acumen is equally crucial. His insights offer valuable guidance for budding entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the industry.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Gian Frey’s advice to those contemplating a career in design is succinct yet powerful: “Don’t copy, be your own creative brain.” This underscores the importance of individuality and innovation in the world of design, setting the stage for a unique and impactful career.

A Culinary Venture and More

As parting words, Gian Frey shares an exciting development—the completion of a Japanese restaurant in Zurich’s city center, Metropol. The restaurant, renowned for its excellent Japanese cuisine, is a testament to the studio’s versatile design capabilities. Gian personally recommends the Sesame Eggplant, Bao Bun, and Spicy Tuna Sushi rolls, a delightful culinary experience that perfectly complements the exceptional interior atmosphere.

Gian Frey and Studio Frey’s unwavering commitment to excellence, dedication to collaborative and innovative approaches, and a passion for the unique and extraordinary have cemented their reputation as leaders in the industry. As they look toward the future, Gian Frey and Studio Frey AG are poised for continued growth and success on the international stage, making them a force to be reckoned with in the world of design.

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