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Sizigi is enriching the human connection between candidates and companies by bringing the resume into the digital age. We are empowering students and professionals to develop ePortfolios to stand out from the crowd.  And we are enabling companies to offer a richer interview experience so they can hire “Not a Paper Fit, A Perfect Fit.” 

The Hiring Process 

Over the 500 year history of the resume, the hiring process has never been worse.  On one hand, there are on average 250 applicants.  On the other hand, the hiring manager only meets on average 5 of them.  And in between, there is 98% of friction and biases that exist.

  • 75% of applicants will automatically be rejected by newly introduced technology that applies analytics in an unfair manner.  This can be performed through resume scoring software where anyone can easily insert keywords.  Also, with candidates answering behavioral questions over timed video, where their facial movements, word choices and speaking voices are ranked amongst other applicants    
  • 21% of applicants will be rejected after having their resumes reviewed for only 6 seconds by a Recruiter
  •  2% of applicants will be rejected after an initial screening with a Recruiter where they will be asked canned behavior questions

The remaining 2% of applicants will have an interview with the hiring manager, where they must somehow determine a fit during a short interview using an irrelevant resume

Sizigi’s Origin

Our CEO and Founder Tony Malz, found himself unexpectedly looking for a job in early 2019.  It had been over a decade since Tony had looked for an opportunity.  He was frustrated that his resume was forced to look like all others due to the current candidate screening processes.

Tony thought, “Why are we still using the 500 year old resume, when everything else in our lives has been modernized?”

  • What if people were capturing their professional and academic moments every day, much like they do with their personal moments on Instagram and Facebook?
  • What if people could quickly configure their job applications to a specific opportunity, much like they do today with music playlists on iTunes and Spotify?
  • And what if people could stream their professional content, much like they do now with video on Netflix and Disney+?

Inspired by a “bigger way,” Tony launched Sizigi in the Fall of 2019.  

What is Sizigi?

Sizigi believes that the human element can be better captured through visual storytelling than the textual resume. 

Create Digital Content

Sizigi brings bullet points and keywords to life.  People are creating multimedia content to showcase their expertise and employable skills.  “Excel” can be supplemented by a video walking through a financial model. “Marketing” can be complemented by a story explaining the image, copy and engagement.  And, “React” can be accompanied by a blog demonstrating how one thinks about UI/UX.

Configure and Stream Custom ePortfolios

As much as applicants dislike resumes, so do hiring managers.  Unfortunately it takes a lot of time to write individual cover letters and tailored resumes for different job opportunities.  Sizigi enables you to quickly configure custom ePortfolios by packaging a personalized introductory video along with content that demonstrates your expertise of the required skills.  You can then stream your customized ePortfolio link, creating an immersive viewing experience for the hiring team. 

Receive Intelligence on User Engagement

It can be demoralizing to apply to hundreds of jobs without ever hearing back.  Furthermore, you don’t know how one is viewing your keywords or bullet points, or even if your resume was ever seen.  Sizigi provides analytics on how your ePortfolios and content are being engaged.  This intelligence enables you to continuously enhance your professional brand by creating better content and configuring stronger ePortfolios. 

The New Interview Experience

Let’s face it, the interview experience is awkward .  9 out of 10 Candidates experience some level of stress, while 9 out of 10 bad hires are due to a lack of soft skills.  The driver is that most of the interview is wasted on testing the untrusted resume and asking canned behavior questions.

Sizigi offers a richer interview experience, higher employer branding, and smarter hiring decisions.  Candidates are much more excited to showcase their content and demonstrate their employable skills.  Companies have a better understanding of aptitude, soft skills and cultural match, all while hiring “Not A Paper Fit, A Perfect Fit.”

Sizigi is also helping companies execute on their strategies for diversity and inclusion  Resumes and keyword scoring brings unfair selection practices, while ePortfolios provides a more level platform.

“Using Sizigi during our hiring process helped my candidates create their own stage to shine. It really encouraged the candidates to think much more critically about what skills and experiences matter most in the role and how their personal stories align with their fit in the company. Not only that, but by bringing their experiences to life beyond their resume and interview, our team received deeper insight into the soft skills and core attributes we look for in culture fit.” – Erik Hanzlick, Product Manager at IBM

Sizigi has a bigger mission than just replacing the resume

We have much bigger aspirations than just replacing the antiquated resume.  The wonderful thing is that Sizigi provides a platform for everyone to capture, share and reflect on their educational and professional moments.  Ultimately, a place where one can reflect and be proud of how much they have accomplished over their lifetime.  

Did you know?

The origin of Sizigi’s name is based on the word “Syzygy”, which is defined as a straight-line configuration of three celestial objects.  Our platform creates this alignment by enriching the human connection between candidates and hiring managers.  We replaced the three y’s with i’s to symbolize these three objects.  Our logo signifies being “unboxed” from the rigid, antiquated resume. 

Tony Malz – Founder & CEO at Sizigi | Join Sizigi


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