minu – Revolutionizing earned wage access in Mexico

Paolo Rizzi - Cofounder and CTO | minu

In Mexico, 75 percent of workers live from paycheck to paycheck and have no savings. Stuck in this vicious cycle, 71 percent are regularly stressed about their finances, anxiously waiting for payday to arrive. 33 percent regularly get a loan to cover their recurring expenses, 73 percent have requested a loan from banks or relatives, which involves uncertainty in response time and deficiencies, creating a vicious circle due to an eternal debt with high bank rates. minu was founded to solve the ‘between paychecks’ cashflow timing issue, thereby reducing financial stress from the lives of millions of workers by enabling quick and easy access to earned wages.

Paolo Rizzi and his other two co-founders fell in love with the idea of improving the financial health of millions of Latin American employees and they laid the foundation of minu.

minu is an employee financial wellness company. It solves employees lack of liquidity between paychecks and reduces the level of indebtedness by offering them instant and 24/7 access to their earned wages when the employees need them, without having to wait for payday.

Instead of an interest rate, minu charges a fixed withdrawal fee of 39 pesos ($1.8 USD), regardless of the amount withdrawn, similar to an ATM fee. The funds are deposited in the same payroll account. For every paycheck, the balance is cleared through payroll deductions, avoiding indebtedness over time. Employees have peace of mind knowing that funds are immediately available when needed, versus traditional competitors who take a longer time and more paperwork to process a rigid payment scheme that’s not always readily available. For employers, having the flexible option provided by minu improves their talent attraction, retention, productivity, and satisfaction. minu’s service does not have a cost for employers.


Paolo Rizzi – Cofounder and CTO | minu


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