Ewa Pasewicz – Co-Owner | Causeway Bridge to Innovation LLC

We love to bridging companies and creating new possibilities.

Causeway Bridge to Innovation LLC (CBTI) is the business development bridgehead to extend the existing business model of a cooperative of EU companies to new American horizons and to nurturing a transatlantic business culture.

  1. CBTI was established on October 1, 2018, as Florida Limited Liability Company.
  2. CBTI was initiated in order to accommodate a rapidly increasing demand for North Atlantic business synergy between our markets.
  3. Florida was selected as the landing zone for initiating strategic preliminary relationships in the US given the abundance of IT talent and potential partners/resellers.
  4. With respect to products/technologies/services, CBTI represents technologists, designers and other experts in areas of developers, security, monitoring, prevention and multilevel analytics.

CBTI’s mission is to deliver a new level of quality through the integration of three key elements:

1) Quality – quality of Polish developers gets more and more recognition, with almost 40m population Poland is #1 country in Central and Eastern Europe when it comes to pool of software developers – you can find 254 000 developers in Poland. This direction has been recognized by the largest brands like Microsoft, IBM or Citi.
2) Trust – we understand how EU market is working from formal and cultural perspective.
3) Safeness – we are local, close to you.

Causeway Bridge to Innovation is a local (Florida) LLC company. We deliver resources and services from Poland at competitive prices without compromising our high level of quality.

We focus on:

– Top-level software development talents (digital transformation, product engineering, Data Science, UX/UI design),

– Blockchain (software talents, products)

– Security Services (pentesting, blue teaming, red teaming, audits),

– CyberSecurity products.

We are a perfect match with American needs?

  • Local – Sarasota, Florida
  • Polish by birth
  • American by soul
  • 20th years of experience in IT in EU market
  • Deeply understanding Business and IT
  • Time to market is relevant to us as well

What Customers like about us?

I am very happy with the selection of candidates you presented and truly feel like we have selected some really great people that will help us get where we need to be. The seniority was definitely more important to me and will pay off in the long run.” CTO, online media

What our cooperation will look like?

  • Access to a big pool of talents – more than 10 000 software experts
  • One local point of contact
  • One agreement
  • Rapidly respond to your needs – in one week we can set up whole Dedicated Team
  • We always show you minimum of two approaches to your project – you can choose the best fit
  • We take care for all the process
  • Monthly evaluation process for each candidate
  • Innovative approach to the interviews with potential candidates – recorded videos

Why Poland as an offshore competence center?

  • 50% of companies in Poland have their headquarter in the US
  • 254 k developers in Poland – big pool of talents

The best IT Specialists in the world (3rd place according to hackerrank.com)

  • Worldwide known technical universities
  • 1st direction for outsourcing in Europe – Microsoft, Google, IBM has their Offshore Competence Centers in Poland

 Similar mindset

  • Communicative
  • Proactive
  • Responsible
  • Developers not coders
  • Business – oriented

We always find the best approach to Your project.

Ewa Pasewicz

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