BooXkeeping Franchise: Redefining The Bookkeeping Industry With Focus On Small To Medium-Sized Businesses

To say that accounting firms and professionals were under a lot of strain at the height of the pandemic would be a huge understatement. It was difficult enough to keep up with the government’s subsidy programs for clients while also assisting them in making necessary changes and, occasionally, staying afloat.

Since accountants and bookkeepers were working nonstop to support their clients during a difficult time, many industry discussions centred on boosting productivity and saving time—basically anything that could lessen the weight practitioners were carrying. Offering remote solutions has become the norm; thus, more and more businesses are outsourcing their bookkeeping and accounting tasks.

This is where BooXkeeping Franchise comes into the picture. BooXkeeping Corporation was co-founded by Max Emma (CEO and Chief Bookkeeping Officer) in 2011 with a single goal to provide an affordable way for growing businesses to simplify the process of keeping accurate, up-to-date financial records so they can make better business decisions.

Since its inception, the company has been putting a lot of effort into ensuring that its customers can access and understand every detail of their financial records with no additional work or time required. Now, more than ten years later, it continues to be dedicated to its fundamental purpose and principles while serving thousands of customers across the nation as a leader in its industry.

Meet the Multitalented Leader  

Max is a successful serial entrepreneur leveraging his business acumen to expand the company and its franchise network. He always wanted to be an entrepreneur while growing up in the Soviet Union. However, that wasn’t allowed during the communist regime. And when the country collapsed in 1991, many opportunities opened up.

Max recalls, “However, I was still in school and couldn’t do much. A few years later, my parents decided to immigrate to the US (I still cannot thank them enough for this decision). I had to work to support myself through school and then was getting experience in the accounting field, so I had to put my “entrepreneur journey” on hold for about nine years.

After that, the multitalented leader realized that working for a company wasn’t for him, so he surprised everyone by giving my boss a 2-week notice. Max says, “July 3rd, 2002, almost 20 years ago to a day, was the last day I ever worked for someone, so Independence Day, on July 4th, will always have a double meaning for me.

Since then, the successful entrepreneur has owned a variety of businesses, including ones in maintenance, consulting, construction, and now services. “At different times, I had as low as one employee to as many as 96. The past 20 years of being an entrepreneur, all the failures and successes, made me learn more than in all my college years (however, graduating with Honors from a College of Business at San Diego State was instrumental in getting my first after-college corporate job),” states Max.

Fulfilling The Demand

In the past ten years, a significant portion of BooXkeeping’s growth has come from offering its services remotely or through “virtual bookkeeping.” During that time, Max and his team discovered that as the number of small businesses grew to play a significant role in our society, so did the size of our industry and the demand for dependable bookkeepers. However, the industry has splintered, with an unbalanced mix of service providers, from expensive accountants to dubious freelancers or family members who aren’t accountable for accuracy.

At BooXkeeping Franchise, our mission is to supply bookkeeping professionals with a productive business environment for outsourced bookkeeping tasks by providing extensive training, policies, procedures, as well as marketing, technology, and brand support.

The decision to franchise the concept resulted from a demand among small businesses for a reasonable, local bookkeeper and a “reputable brand/household name” they can rely on. In order to address this demand and provide hardworking people with a better option to secure their future, Max developed the BooXkeeping Franchise Opportunity.

Qualities of A Franchisee Partner

According to Max, certain qualities must be fulfilled by franchise partners. “We are looking for PARTNERS in all aspects of this world, as we want to grow the BooXkeeping Brand and make it even better together with them,” says Max. Furthermore, he firmly believes that BooXkeeping Franchise is a fantastic opportunity for stay-at-home parents, underemployed people, spouses of active-duty military, veterans, and first responders, as well as existing bookkeeping and CPA firms.

Maintaining Quality By Leveraging Services and Software

As every business knows, quality is an essential factor for customer satisfaction that ultimately results in customer loyalty. To maintain the quality of its services, Max and his team will always be available to BooXkeeping franchisees. The initial training will be done 50% in person, and after graduating from BooXkeeping University, the ongoing training will be offered.

Additionally, the BooXkeeping team will provide weekly Zoom meetings with the sales trainer, with the operations team, and with fellow franchisees. In order to preserve the consistent quality of services given by BooXkeeping, its proprietary software, BooXDesk, which is provided to franchisees at no cost, will be a crucial component.

The fact that a franchise can be fully-staffed with professional accountants who are trained and housed by BooXkeeping corporate office, will assist BooXkeeping franchisees in scaling their businesses fast.

Facing Challenges Head-On

Challenges and Success are an integral part of an entrepreneurial journey, and every aspiring entrepreneur has to go through them to become a successful individual. Max states, “You don’t know what you don’t know!

Max had very little knowledge of franchising a business and the work (and resources) that go into it, despite the fact that BooXkeeping has been a preferred accounting solution for many prominent and rising franchise systems.

Being a novice in the franchising space, the multitalented leader had to investigate extensively, read books, and ask questions in order to learn. He believed he needed to know more to be successful in franchising, even though he had learned a lot over the previous four years. Max proudly asserts, “Thus, this year, I’ve completed all the requirements, took multiple classes, attended University of Louisville Franchise Bootcamp, and passed the exam to become a Certified Franchise Executive.

Expanding the Footprint  

Under the leadership of Max, BooXkeeping is ready to expand its footprint in the near future continually. He has observed a considerable increase in the demand for bookkeeping outsourcing from small- and medium-sized enterprises as more and more organizations outsource their overhead tasks, such as accounting and IT. Therefore, in 2022, 5 additional franchises are planned to open, and in 2023, 10 new markets will be added.

Words of Wisdom by BooXkeeping CEO

Being a seasoned entrepreneur, the leader advises the budding entrepreneurs. He states, “When thinking about work-life balance always remember to place life in front of work. Also, though it’s very hard, try to work on the business and not in the business to see it going to the next level and beyond.

The Cornerstone of BooXkeeping’s Success and Fame

The below-mentioned points are very important, and contribute to the success and fame of BooXkeeping:

Here, at BooXkeeping, we are redefining the bookkeeping industry.

We believe in being cool.

We believe in acceptance and support.

We believe in constant growth.

We believe in personal and professional lives fully integrating into The Life.

Our BooXkeepers are cool!

Our franchisees are cooler!

Our clients are the coolest!

Are you ready to be cool?


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