The COVID-19 pandemic challenged the cleaning industry and altered the public’s expectations of cleanliness, particularly in settings like supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals. Looking back over the last year, it is safe to assume that facilities are no longer cleaned just for the sake of appearance. To guarantee that employees, clients, and other building visitors are entering a safe and healthy environment, effective cleaning solutions must be embraced by businesses.

Furthermore, in order to give customers and employees peace of mind, companies must commit long-term to their cleaning programs, which requires investing in well-trained cleaning staff and efficient cleaning products and solutions.

This is where Australia company Jaymak comes into the picture. The B2B commercial cleaning business — led by Mark Mackenzie (CEO) — has been providing hygiene and energy-saving solutions for the hospitality, healthcare, and food industries since 1998. The company’s mission is to develop and implement the highest quality preventative maintenance programs and ensure clients’ needs are met to the highest standards.


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