VTech announces Availability of KidiBuzz 3

Vtech has announced the launch of their new product, KidiBuzz 3 which is a kid-friendly Wi-Fi that enables kids to play games, take photos, listen to music along with many other things. This new product in VTech’s KidiTech portfolio allows the kids to stay connected with their parents via the KidiCom Chat app. It’s a free app that allows video messaging and 3D screen effects.

“KidiBuzz 3 gives kids the features they see and want in their parents’ technology, like texting, video messaging, interactive games, and a camera to capture moments with fun filters to show off their creative skills,” said Andy Keimach, President, VTech Electronics North America. “But because it’s designed just for kids, parents can have peace of mind with safeguards giving them control over contacts and screen time, while kids can enjoy all the fun.”

The product is designed for children four years old and up. KidiBuzz 3 grants kids many high-tech features that they are looking for in many devices, like the KidiCom Chat messaging app with video sharing capabilities, 3D screen effects along a magnifying lens to zoom into the photos they take. Kids can also send texts, videos, and photos to parent-improved contacts. These can be sent to other KidiBuzz devices as well as iPhone and Android.

Additionally, it also features life face filters and frames that kids can implement in their photos, play over 40 interactive games that focus on education, use the free trial of LeapFrog Academy, and download new apps from Learning Lodge.

Parents can also limit the time they spend on the device by setting a time limit. Parents can be comfortable knowing that it gives kids access to only kid-friendly websites that are approved by them.

KidiBuzz 3 is available for $104.99 and is available at major retailers worldwide.


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