Decentralized Crypto Financial, Inc. Announces Mining Capability Now Live

Decentralized Crypto Financial, Inc. (DeCryptoFi), the pioneering blockchain platform dedicated to ensuring the availability of digital assets while adhering to SEC and Federal Government laws and regulations, announced that their Proof-of-Work Compensation Plan, also known as Mining, is now open to all registered users who wish to join the network.

This significant announcement follows the successful launch earlier this year of DeCryptoFi’s first-ever publicly accessible blockchain that complies with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) requirements.

Nicholas Scherling, Founder & CEO of DeCryptoFi, expressed the platform’s unique value, stating, “DeCryptoFi is an unprecedented platform that empowers the blockchain community to leverage a comprehensive suite of decentralized financial service tools in order to build compliant solutions. Mining plays a pivotal role in bringing this community to life and empowering its members. With today’s announcement, we are delighted to expand our network globally and take the next step in our roadmap’s growth plans.”

This news follows DeCryptoFi’s official launch in April 2023. Since then, there has been an escalation in the intensity of regulatory measures taken by government entities that validate DeCryptoFi’s commitment to prioritizing compliance.

Scherling further explained, “Considering the highly challenging regulatory landscape and the overall market context, we believe many projects in the industry will seek a pathway to compliance, and we are that pathway. Our aim is to catalyze a community of builders who refuse to be hindered by regulators and want to continue innovating. Enabling mining is the next significant stride towards fostering that community and turning our vision into reality.”

DeCryptoFi has allocated 50 million shares of stock as compensation over the next century to ensure the network remains healthy and robust. Alongside the compiled code, there are straightforward instructions that enable anyone with a GPU card to participate in as little as 30 minutes, regardless of their computer or blockchain proficiency.

Dr. Wesley Kaplow, DeCryptoFi’s CTO, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “This is an exciting time! Last week, we released our third code update since the launch, which enforces port checking prior to the ledger nodes’ startup. This ensures that operators have correctly configured their firewall ports and protocols to receive incoming data for processing. And now, mining is live this week. We are making tangible progress and moving forward while others are grappling with the aftermath of SEC allegations. We couldn’t be more thrilled with our achievements.”

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