Maypharm launches a new line of products to combat hair loss

HAIRNA Scalp Care Solution Line

Maypharm, the company known for developing the highly successful Metox botulinum toxin that utilized meNnus PLA filler for collagen regeneration, has announced that it is now focused on developing HAIRNA that is aimed specifically for hair loss issues.

The new line product line will have 5 new items, the main one being HAIRNA EXOSOME AMPOULE (5ml ×5 vial) that contains exosomes that are effective in hair loss treatment. It also included HAIRNA HAIR FILL that plays its part in hair loss prevention along with other three products; HAIRNA SHAMPOO, HAIRNA TREATMENT, and HAIRNA TONER that assists with scalp care and damaged hair cure.

All HAIRNA products have been attested by the KFDA and have been cleared due to their stability and not causing any irritation during clinical trials. HAIRNA EXOSOME BOOSTER AMPOULE was specifically tested to see how it improved scalp skin and hair loss and the results that were observed were very optimistic.

It consisted of about 37,000 ppm of exosome which is an essential component to suppress hair loss symptoms and is also useful in treating alopecia areata.

The product can be used by both men and women that are going through hair loss, whether it be hereditary or stress-related. The HAIRNA Ampoules are injected directly into a scalp via an MTS needle that was designed specifically for the product. This increases the efficiency of the product as the absorption starts right at the scalp.

HAIRNA HAIR FILL contains copper, panthenol, and Vitamin B which act as antioxidants to normalize the hair growth cycle and hence prevent hair loss. Additionally, it prevents the destruction of hair follicles via free radicals and moisturizes the hair for elasticity and shine.

The other trio of HAIRNA SHAMPOO, TREATMENT, and TONER consists of ingredients that help with the prevention of hair loss like L-menthol, Dexpanthenol, and Salicyclic Acid. These ingredients are important when it comes to cooking up the scalp, removing excess sebum (natural skin oils) and dead skin cells.


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