Voyager Foods makes favorite foods more accessible

Voyage Foods, a company that is run primarily by a group of food scientists that are on a mission of creating the world’s favorite foods, have announced the launch of their first product: Peanut Butter made without actual peanuts. This will be followed by chocolate with cacao and coffee without coffee beans in 2022.

The group of scientists has utilized revolutionary technology to create similar versions of the world’s beloved food but with natural ingredients, such as seeds and grains.

This will help and solve food supply issues to make people’s favorite foods more accessible and available for generations to come.

“We have succeeded in producing society’s favorite food and drink without contributing to industries rife with negative environmental and social implications, like cacao farming, for example,” said Voyage Foods CEO, Adam Maxwell. “What’s more, these products are not alternatives that require consumers to consciously sacrifice taste and texture. They stand up next to the flavor of the originals, and cost the same too.”

Maxwell has previously worked at a James Beard award-winning restaurant named Clio as a pastry apprentice. There he had developed a curiosity and acted on it by getting his education in food chemistry and also working in top food technology companies like CHEW innovation and Endless West. After these ventures to increase his experience, he launched Voyage Foods.

To make the products more accessible and at the same produce sustainable alternatives to famous foods, the company develops its products from crops that are efficiently and widely grown.

“Voyage Foods’ goods are all-natural, clean label, non-GMO, and nutritionally and economically identical to their counterparts on the market, not to be confused with lab-grown, biosynthetic foods,” said Kelsey Tenney, Director of Commercialization. “The best part is, what we’ve created is scalable and offers a solution for foods whose availability is already constrained for health, safety or environmental reasons.”

Tenney joins Voyage Foods back in 2019, with the experience I’m product and process development in food consulting, private label,s and startups. She has a degree in food science from Purdue University with a Master’s in food chemistry and sensory science from Penn State University.

The company is backed by top venture capital funds that includes Valor Siren Ventures and Horizons Ventures. The company is very close to a double digit agreement of Series A funding within next month.

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