Timex Moves Into Spring/Summer 2021 with Multiple New Watch Lineups

A world leader in watchmaking, Timex, on June 10, 2021, announced the release of its Spring/Seasonal collection, which was specifically designed at Giorgio Galli Design Lab situated in Milan, Italy.

This new collection consists of expanded product lineups and many bold new designs that reflect the company’s We Don’t Stop campaign, which is inspired by the company’s perseverance through 167 years since its inception and at the same time moving towards a brighter, stronger, and inclusive feature.

“The Spring/Summer 2021 season is about strength and perseverance.  This collection was designed with optimism and passion, building on our foundation, reimagining past eras , and eliciting thoughtful interpretations of brighter days ahead,” said Giorgio Galli, Chief Executive Creative Director of Timex Group.

This season’s new product is the remake of the iconic Waterbury Traditional collection which is designed with the future kept in mind.

This updated design features brand new case designs, new dials and a stylized motif of Waterbury Watch Company that has been implemented to all the products in the lineup that includes automatic, quartz three-hand, GMT, and chronograph watches.

Along with the above addition, numerous products have also been added to women’s portfolio which includes Timex Malibu Collection.

The primary inspiration for the Malibu Collection, as its name suggests, comes from the colors of the ocean and the beaches of Malibu. The watch stands out from the rest of the products with its playful color of a platter of coral and turquoise. Available in limited styles across the collections: Q Timex, Waterbury Boyfriend legacy, and Transcend collections.

Timex will also be releasing the black and white rendition of the popular M79 Automatic, which will add to the Navi XL Automatics timeless and archived trend of double-layer fabric slip thru straps.

Brand new colors are also coming across Essex Avenue along with its 44mm case. Harborside Coast with its rotating bezel and date magnifier and the Standard with classic looks are also added to the portfolio

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