Essence SmartCare Umbrella mPERS 5G Cat-M solution to be launched at the upcoming CES 2022

Essence SmartCare showcases 5G-enabled mPERs.

A leader in IoT-based remote care solutions, Essence SmartCare, has announced that it will be showcasing the world’s first 5G mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS) at CES 2022 that will be held during the month of January.

Umbrella mPERS is a tiny and discreet device that seamlessly coordinates with Essence’s multi-service cloud. The device is ideal for a wide variety of personal healthcare, security, and wellness services. The device contains a fall detection system that is built-in, real-time activity monitoring, and two-way voice capabilities that makes it perfect for the personal healthcare of old people and lone workers.

“The Umbrella mPERS solution exemplifies our commitment to providing our partners with breakthrough technology. It highlights the potential for a new wave of interconnected personal care and safety devices leveraging the latest cellular IoT infrastructure,” said Dr. Haim Amir, CEO, and Founder of Essence Group. “It allows senior living, healthcare, and security providers to offer greater peace of mind to their customers with advanced and more reliable services and a range of capabilities, including life-saving functions such as panic detection, which triggers specific actions to immediately notify guardians or caregivers in case of emergency.”

The device can be used in every scenario whether it be outdoors or indoors due to its robust structure and water resistance. Additionally,  reliability and accuracy are improved by its connection to 5G CAT-M. it can also be attached to many personal belongings like belt clip and lanyard die it’s the smaller form factor.

Umbrella mPERS enables us to fulfill our commitment to provide better care by expanding our VitalOn remote patient monitoring platform with on-the-go services,” said Barak Katz, General Manager for Essence SmartCare. “Harnessing the most innovative mobile PERS technology and 5G cellular networks will further enable us to maintain our commitment to better protecting our users both with existing needs and from emerging threats.”

The device will be featuring a rechargeable battery with wireless charging capabilities that increases it’s usability. Its connection to 5G IoT networks allows hands-free voice calls to any number. The data rates are lower compared to traditional GSM-based mobile PERS Units.

Essence group will also be showcasing VitalOn, for remotely monitoring patients.


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