THIRDREALITY announces the launch of Countdown Timer Switch

A brand dedicated to home automation, THIRDREALITY, has announced the launch of a new countdown timer switch that is compatible with the basic toggle and rocker switches.

“THIRDREALITY Countdown Timer Switch is a simple solution to upgrade your existing wall switch to a countdown timer switch. It mechanically flips existing Toggle and Rocker switches up and down,” said Xuezhang Dong, CEO of Third Reality.

The installation of this new device is simple and convenient compared to the traditional ones. There is absolutely no wiring required for the timer installation. All you have to do is place the timer switch onto the existing switch plate.

The timer switch comes with factory default timer settings. This means that if you want a timer of 30 minutes, place the timer on the wall switch you want to control and then turn it on. After 30 minutes, the timer will automatically turn off.

You can control the timer of the switch via 2 options: the local time and app-controlled timer settings. The local time settings offer 8 options that vary from 1-min all the way to 120-min. These options are usually enough for general application and are an ideal choice when it comes to children.

On the other hand, app-controlled timer settings offer an even wider time frame. The timer can be controlled by the Third Reality App. Timer settings range from 0-24 hours. Besides controlling the timer, users can also have a look at the battery levels of the devices. The device uses 2 AAA batteries that can last for about 3 years and is very easy to replace. It also allows the users to update the Timer Switch Software.

THIRDREALITY announces the launch of Countdown Timer Switch

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