Sterling Healthcare Logistics acquires Aggregate365

Sterling Healthcare Logistics is a supply chain management technology company for the medical industry. Today, they announced that they have acquired Aggregated365, which is an organization for medical group purchasing. Sterling Healthcare was founded in 2013 with its office in Las Vegas, Nevada. They provide services for companies all across North America.

Aggregate365 is a company founded in 2017 with a specialization in contract negotiation. They negotiate contracts from health systems to independent providers that include physician buying groups. It helps them to procure support and manage their contracts. There is an extension of the services and members in Sterling after the acquisition of Aggregate365.

Aggregate365 eliminates products and services duplicates and analysis of potential savings through advanced technological solutions. Their services include:

  • Optimize supply operations: Services are provided to help lower supply costs, drive operational efficiencies and achieve clinical and supply integration.
  • Maximize pharmacy performance: They help member pharmacies to become strategic business assets by using their extensive PO portfolio and expert consulting help
  • Evolve Strategies and Compete: They strive to prepare for the future of healthcare using their powerful tools, intelligence, and experts. It helps to enable faster decision-making to increase growth and competitive advantage.

The whole portfolio of Aggregate365 including customers has been taken over by Sterling Healthcare. The brand ACXSS will now move forward with the name ACXSS365 because of the acquisition. The President of Sales and Business Management at Sterling says, “The acquisition of Aggregate365 portfolio of contracts will provide a major advantage to our customers by giving them access to lower costing for the products and services that they purchase every day.”

The main aim of Sterling is to provide its customers with transparency and quality in trade. It is looking forward to more acquisitions to further enhance the services they provide to their consumers.

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