Colorsmith Hair Care

Colorsmith launches new Hair Care Line

Colorsmith, the brand with the award-winning men’s made-to-order home hair color, is now launching into the haircare market with the release of three brand new products: Protect Shampoo, Protect Conditioner, and Anti-Yellow Shampoo. These products allow customers to take care of their color-treated hair and to nullify warm tones like gray salt and pepper hair.

“Our new, professional-grade formulas include active ingredients like Quinoa, Olive Oil, and Aloe Vera and are SLS and SLES free.  With a sustainability focus, the packaging is made from 100% PCR and is 100% recyclable,” said Graham Jones, CEO.  “We’re excited to now assist our clients from color application to maintenance, giving them the best hair color and care experience from start to finish,” added Jones.

The 10oz Color Protect Shampoo which costs about $15 has been manufactured in a way that helps prevent the fading of custom hair color and at the same time, nourishes the hair. The shampoo includes ingredients like Quinoa that helps in color-shielding, scalp soothing Aloe Vera, and caffeine.

The 10oz Color Protect Conditioner which also costs around $15 is perfect for clients that are in the market for a moisturizing conditioner that doesn’t weigh the hair down. This also helps protect the color and then adds a natural sheen with ingredients such as Quinoa and Olive Oil.

The $15 10oz Anti Yellow Shampoo helps to tone brassiness in Silver, Blonde, and Gray hair. With the help of similar ingredients as mentioned above, the shampoo gives the hair a natural, cool finish.


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