PlayOne NFT Player

PlayOne NFT player launched by Glozal Inc

GLOZAL Inc. has announced their next big project,  the PlayOne NFT Player along with their genesis OG NFT collection. These new releases are aimed at developing the Web3 ecosystem for various artists, creators, musicians, collectors to find out new unique NFT drops.

“Web3 is all about a community-driven way of doing things – it’s up to us to help artists, musicians, creators, and entertainers make this transition into Web3 effectively. Our goal is to bring back the power to creators and their supporters, while also teaching them and helping them build their own NFT fueled communities within the PlayOne™ ecosystem,” says Volen Tsolov, COO of GLOZAL.

The PlayOne NFT Player app will for downloaded for free. It will first be available to OG NFT collection holders, then to the general public allowing them to share their NFT collections with other people around the world.

PlayOne will be enabling the artists on the platform to earn a major chunk of their incomes from their content as NFTs. Along with the traditional NFT sale and re-sale model, the artists can also earn via other revenues that are developed for the gamification and tokenomics systems built into the PlayOne platform.

“Our PlayOne NFT Player™ and NFT platform will be running on the Polygon network, reducing transactional fees and leveraging Polygon’s scalability, security features, and eco-friendly Proof-of-Stake minting process,” says Tarek Kirschen, CEO & Founder, GLOZAL.

Artists and fans can become early members of the PlayOne community by owning one of the genesis PlayOne OG NFTs that will be available from 1/22/2022. These artists will have rights and privileges in the PlayOne ecosystem that will last a long time, which will eventually lead to the coming together of DAO for the PlayOne community.


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