Planterra Foods opens up new office and R&D Innovation Centre in Lafayette, CO

Planterra Foods, a new and innovative plant-based protein start up company based in Colorado, has announced the opening of its recent headquarters in Lafayette, CO which will consist of a brand new office space and R&D innovation Centre.

The office space and the R&D Innovation Centre will be dedicated to serving the company’s vision of sharing and distributing the delicious taste of plant based food with the world.

Along with the above reasons, this brand new opening will also allow increased employment opportunities and a new chance to gain experience in ingredient and product innovations.

The R&D Innovation Centre will be devoted to testing and manufacturing new ingredients that is of the highest quality in the market, supplying the best tasting, crave-worthy plant-based products that are easily accessible and affordable to people around the world.

“I am proud of the team we’ve built at Planterra Foods and look forward to a future of continued growth and innovation in our new space in Lafayette,” said Darcey Macken, CEO of Planterra Foods. “With a team full of passionate, problem-solving food lovers, I’m confident that Planterra Foods will continue to grow the world of plant-based with the best-tasting foods in the market.”

“Planterra Foods new R&D Innovation Center will open the doors to endless opportunities in plant-based protein,” said Raúl Pero, Vice President of Marketing & Innovation at Planterra Foods. “With more and more plant-based options popping up in stores for consumers to choose from, our goal is to bring innovative solutions to plant-based foods with delicious, high-quality products that people can feel good about eating and feeding their families at home.”

“Colorado is open for business and this expansion will result in 100 new jobs,” said Jared Polis, Governor of the State of Colorado. “We look forward to continuing Colorado’s reputation as one of the foremost agricultural producers in the world.”

Companies that have been working on this new office and R&D center are Colorado-based along with all the labor and sourcing materials.

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