NIU announces new KICK SCOOTER along with other micromobility options

Niu has announced 5 new electric urban mobility vehicles for China and Global markets. The CEO of Niu, Dr. Yan Li, announced that 4 new electric scooters will be available for Chinese markets with a brand new “Kick Scooter” that will also be available for US and European markets.

The new Kick Scooter is designed primarily to further expand upon the urban mobility space by adding best-in-class micro-mobility solutions in cities across Europe and the US.

Along with much longer commutes, this new kick Scooter is added to the micro-mobility roster to assist with 1 to 5 mile commuting needs for Citizens living in the urban areas.

“Part of our vision is to redefine urban mobility, and adding kick scooters to our lineup is our commitment to our customers and fans around the world to provide them with affordable mobility solutions that they can be proud of owning and also rely on for their daily commute,” said Dr. Yan Li

There will be two versions of the brand new Kick Scooter available on US and European markets. These versions being named NIU KICK SCOOTER Pro and Sports.

The base model of the Niu Kick Scooter will start from 599$ in the US and 599€ in European markets. The speeds of Pro and Sport models in the US will be capped off at 19.8mph and 17.8mph respectively. In Europe, however, both versions will have a maximum speed of 25mph.

The Pro version will have a range of 31 miles on a single 6-hour charge meanwhile the Sport version will have a range of 25 miles on a single 5-hour charge.

All of NIU’s vehicles are app-connected and will be running lithium-ion battery technology. The Pro version having a 350W motor and 486Wh lithium-ion battery pack and the sport version having a 300W motor and 365Wh lithium-ion battery pack.

These scooters also IP54 certification for outdoors usage under any weather conditions. Plus, these vehicles also have E save mode which conserves power and can increase ranges at which they can travel. And along with its foldable design which increases its mobility, the robust suspension provides a smooth travel experience. All these offerings differentiate them from the other competitors in the micro-mobility market.

“We believe we have created the most comfortable electric kick scooter riding experience for under $1000, and of course we wanted to provide a superior ride performance too”, says Dr. Yan Li,

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