New Breed launches Distributely on HubSpot App Marketplace

The revenue performance management partner for many of the world’s fastest-growing companies, New Breed, has announced the launch of its a new app, Distributely on HubSpot App Marketplace. Distributely is a sales operation app that handles and automates the whole ordeal of lead distribution and assignment.

It is one of the first lead distribution applications that was worked exclusively for HubSpot users. This will enable many big companies with their sales reps to work efficiently and get more from what the HubSpot platform has to offer. The app integrates smoothly with HubSpot and as mentioned above, makes the whole process of assigning new leads to sales representatives easier. This helps businesses decrease their operational expenses, improve their prospect experience and shorten their sales cycle.

Via the release of Distributed, it shows the commitment of New Breed towards creating new apps and services that will help businesses with all their aspects of revenue growth. Other than the app store, Distributely will be delivered to New Breed users through its integrated platform.

“As an elite HubSpot partner, New Breed not only has comprehensive knowledge of our CRM, but they’ve also had a longstanding commitment to innovation that helps customers get more value from our platform,” said Scott Brinker, VP of platform ecosystem at HubSpot. “Having New Breed now building applications like Distributely that layer onto HubSpot and streamline key processes has the potential to drive game-changing results for scaling businesses.”

“As someone who has both worked as a sales rep and managed sales for a scaling organization, I know firsthand the costs of manual lead routing and distribution,” said Patrick Biddiscombe, CEO of New Breed. “By developing an application that addresses this key problem, ensuring it integrates seamlessly with HubSpot, and integrating it into our core solution, we’re taking a big step forward toward our vision to revolutionize how companies grow.”


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