LINGA rOS partners with Evertec

The cloud-based restaurant operating system (rOS), LINGA rOS, has announced that it has partnered with Evertec. Evertec is one of the biggest payment processing providers in the Caribbean and Latin America. The partnership will be working on making the payment acceptance speeds better, technology, and revenues for the Puerto Rican and Latin markets.

After this partnership, LINGA will become the rOS for all Evertec services, from Enterprise to single location restaurants. The partnership also includes offering the merchants point of sale (POS) solutions exclusively.

“We are extremely excited to work with a company like Evertec. Our rOS technology and their payment processing experience in the region and acquisition power will change the industry by closing the gap between the processing and point of sales experiences for businesses in the Puerto Rico and Latin American markets,” says Onur Haytac Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LINGA. “Our rOS platform will reduce the cost of acquiring merchants in the long run by reducing churn and enabling merchants with the latest stack of technologies for their business,” continued Haytac.

Evertec payments networks handled over 3 million transactions spread over 26 countries in 2021 alone. Furthermore, LINGA was awarded the “Best Restaurant PPS System for 2019, 2020, and 2021” by LINGA is now being integrated into systems in 88 counties and supports 36 different languages. Despite the pandemic, LINGA saw a 50% growth last year.

“With LINGA’s deep expertise in the restaurant market, we are excited about our ability to enhance our Smart POS portfolio to better service the restaurant management space improving their overall payment experience making it more convenient, easier and faster to process payments not only in Puerto Rico but also throughout Latin America.  We are confident that together we can take our restaurant service offering to the next level,” added Mike Vizcarrondo, Evertec’s Executive Vice President.


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