Aforè by Dr. Few launches new CR Emulsion facial cream

Aforè by Dr.Few, a clinically developed skincare line, has announced the release of its CR Emulsion. CR Emulsion is a unique, clinically tested facial cream that contains a blend of CBD, retinol, and a mix of peptides that help with removing wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation along other signs of aging without any severe consequences.

This product has come to fruition as a result of extensive research and clinical testing. Through its Advanced-grade ingredients, Aforè CR Emulsion utilizes the wrinkle-reducing power of retinol efficiently and at the same time via the CBD, increasing tolerability for all skin types and relieving irritation.

“CBD alone has shown immense promise in cosmetic medicine when it’s incorporated properly and with synergistic ingredients,” shares Dr. Few. “CBD is anti-inflammatory and pro-healing in nature. I believe that the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant CBD properties are an essential component of protecting the skin and contribute to the graceful aging of any skin type.”

During the clinical testing led by Dr. Few. CBD, which is a natural anti-inflammatory substance demonstrated its effectiveness with 0.2% retinol solution. It maintained anti-aging properties with very few side effects.

Of the product’s inception, Dr. Few shares, “When I began seeing patients in Beverly Hills, I was exposed to cannabis and became very curious about its potential benefits. Just because an idea originates outside traditional medical pathways does not mean it is irrelevant. I realized that very little work was done to research the medicinal properties of cannabidiol on the skin. That was enough for me to take another look and subject the compound to clinical research and ultimate development.”

CR emulsion was designed through various trials and researches by combining that act on the biochemical pathways that are important for the maintenance of the skin tone and health, which helps in slowing down aging. The retinol improves the cellular turnover rate and decreases other aging effects whilst CBD inhibits inflammatory effects that might have occurred.

The Aforè CR Emulsion Retails for $299.95 at

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