Twinings announces releases of new tea drink

A leading wellbeing drinks brand, Twinings, has announced its new Superblends collection, “Drink in Life” which is a part of a campaign of the same name from the company. The campaign invites customers to share the optimism of the reinvigorated brand. The Super blends collection will include 4 delicious new flavors with vitamins and additives.

“Our ‘Drink in Life’ campaign is rooted in the idea that taking even the smallest step counts when it comes to reaching your wellness goals and contributing to your overall health,” said Mike Currie, VP of Marketing at Twinings North America. “Twinings is committed to delivering quality teas with exceptional taste and aroma that make consumers feel good – both inside and out – with every sip.”

The Super blends collection is teas that focus primarily on the wellbeing of the customers and give them physical and mental benefits.

The 4 different flavors are:

  • Sleep+

Mixes the flavor of vanilla with cinnamon and melatonin, making a well-balanced herbal tea well suited for the nightly bedtime routine.

  • Immune Support+

The taste of mango along with the subtlety of the ginger with green tea and Vitamin C add up to an uplifting cup of tea.

  • Energy+

Has flavors of apples, oranges with green tea, and Vitamin B6 to freshen up your day.

  • Heartea+

Raspberry flavored hibiscus herbal tea that supports healthy heart function with the addition of Vitamin B1.

“Twinings’ Master Blenders leverage generations of trusted knowledge and ethical integrity to craft exceptional wellbeing drinks that are made with only the finest herbs, fruits, and teas,” said Sophia Forrester, Herbal Advisor at Twinings North America. “Twinings is proud to introduce its latest Superblends™ collection, which offers a range of functional benefits to help consumers enhance their everyday lives, without compromising on great taste.”


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