Nataliia Rzhevska: A Seasoned EdTech Innovation Builder

Modern education is witnessing a paradigm shift to a digital transformation where the right blend of cognitive technologies, scientific advancements, and creative minds is taking over. Today, Tycoon Media (TM) introduces you to one such persona, Nataliia Rzhevska, who kept no stone unturned in embracing the mentioned with open hands.

Let’s take a deeper dive into this exclusive interview which drools over her vision to make a difference.

Team TM: Brief us about the current industry scenario from your perspective.

Nataliia: Everyone has already confronted the problem of adapting to the conditions of uncertainty and chaotic state. The stressful transition into the remote mode of teaching and learning became a bifurcation point for many national educational systems. From this uncertainty, the systems have taken it to the next level, with ‘Flexibility’ being the main feature they acquired.

And we’re talking here not only about adapting to non-standard conditions, conditions in which different standards apply to ensure the performance of your professional functions, but also getting ready for the elasticity of skills, transforming them for the educational welfare of the world.

Never before have educational systems been so revitalized by academic volunteering, international interaction, and support. Live-streaming of millions of seminars, forums, and conferences acted as the circulatory system that renewed everyone’s life in the educational system.

Team TM: Guide us through your profession and source of motivation.

Nataliia: Leveraging a profession without enough creativity is an ambush. My ikigai lies in my position as a CIO at VideoWiki, driven by nothing but enthusiasm, inspiration, and passion. I have accomplished my Ph.D. in Pedagogical Sciences with a sheer determination which gives me the potential, today, to stand tall as a University Lecturer.

The present-day education system has breathtaking ups and downs that break people into pieces. Dark and illuminating at the same time. I believe in collating human capabilities and tech-enabled advancements like AI to help individuals in breaking the traditional shackles of education. I admire technology, just like the soul of a teacher. I derive my inspiration from humanistic initiatives and the technological leaps of mankind.

I believe that creativity in education means co-leadership, co-creation, and innovation. Along with conducting research and developing technical solutions at VideoWiki, the credit to my role also counts the guidance from a technology evangelist and business strategist, great person Shivam Dhawan – the Founder of GetBoarded and VideoWiki.

It’s our collective efforts that I became a Neuropedagogy & AI expert working on the subjects of cognitive future for students while supporting teachers at the university level.

Be confident and unique in every decision you take and the achievement you make. Be the master of your thoughts and take ownership of your vision. Look for like-minded and appreciate opposition. Cherish long-lasting relationships with people who are there with you through the good times and the bad.

Team TM: What’s your definition of Education and Teaching?

Nataliia: The world is observing the fast aging of information which has no time to turn into knowledge with a rapid switch to a new industrial revolution. It’s not even about theoretical knowledge matching practical skill, but their anticipation in the conditions of the transient valence of trans-sciences and sub-industries.

People create technologies that create impact. This impact determines ecosystem processes. And at the next level of their development, it’s technologies that generate new technologies and design innovations. While the traditional education system presents some loopholes in the growth, modern education exemplifies the mix of academic and practical skills that prove beneficial in the longer run.

My notion of teaching is to motivate the very sense of acquiring knowledge and gaining the ability to appreciate the aftertaste of its practical application. For me, education is igniting a passion for innovative thinking.

Team TM: What are the frequent challenges faced by women in the corporate world and what are the ways to tackle them?

Nataliia: Both men and women face the same genre of challenges and the response to overcome them is gender-specific. However, the distinctiveness of a woman lies in her capability to simultaneously perform multiple tasks and juggle various professional & social roles.

Practical thinking capabilities can help to avoid professional burnout across the corporate world. For a woman to stand out, she has to bring the best innovative strategies to the table and identify relevant market solutions. Going beyond the information toxicity generated by all the gadgets and social media will help in gaining a competitive edge. At last, guard and respect thoughts, cultivate optimism!

Team TM: What are your past experiences, achievements, or lessons that have shaped your journey?

Nataliia: Human behavior is volatile to tough decision-making and conditions sourcing emotional breakdown. We run around a corporate maze, change directions, look for ways out, get tired, rest, move on colliding with colleagues at times, reach a deadlock, and start over again.

And that’s fine for as long as you can still breathe creativity at such a level of complexity. Being innovative and passionate about the profession is the need of the hour but having the ability to stay cool and calm also equally counts to outshine corporate convolutions.

Team TM: What are your strategies to contribute effectively to the hyper-competitive market?

Nataliia: I have four strategies to talk about.

Trend Anticipation – The analysis of trans-sciences and sub-industries to shape the framework of future skills.

Using the Internet of Behaviors (IoB) – A way to deeply analyze user behavioral strategies.

People Management – Simple acts of care and support create endless concentric circles of kindness.

Ecology of Thought – Good intentions. Open science. Open innovation. Co-leadership. Co-creation.

Team TM: How do you see yourself in the near future? Tell us about your future goals.

Nataliia: I’ll make every possible effort for educational welfare. I’ll keep moving with the same inspiration to accept change and inspire people to convert every challenge into an opportunity. I want my strategies, their implementation, and the resulting profitable outcomes to be accessible to those in need because innovation only makes sense after reaching the end-user.

To be more precise, my kind of future showcases humanity owning the cornerstones of education.

Team TM: How do you perceive the role of mentorship to aspiring women entrepreneurs?

Nataliia: Be confident and unique in every decision you take and the achievement you make. Be the master of your thoughts and take ownership of your vision. Look for like-minded and appreciate opposition. Cherish long-lasting relationships with people who are there with you through the good times and the bad.


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