Morton Comprehensive Health Services choose AI technology from Remark

Remark Holdings announced that Morton has chosen their AI biosafety platform to monitor the temperature of their patients’ bodies. This will reduce the manual work and increase constant temperature checks for their patients and also their staff members. They confirmed that there are orders for both AI thermal kits and their rPads.

Remark Holdings is the provider of digital and artificial intelligence solutions for companies and organizations worldwide. Their products ensure reduced risks, positive outcomes, and solving problems digitally. Their applications are used by a wide range of fields such as public safety, finance, retail, and other workplaces. They also own digital media properties that help organizations by providing smart solutions to problems with e-commerce. The headquarters of the company is in Las Vegas with other offices in Los Angeles and California. They also have a few offices in the cities of China.

The CEO of Remark Holdings says, “The Remark AI biosafety platform continues to chosen by medical centers, hospitals and clinics around the country as the first line of safety for both patients and employees. Our Biosafety platform alleviates the need for keeping a valuable staff member off the floor and provides a discreet and seamless experience for temperature checks, PPE compliance, checking temperature data and protecting both staff and the patients.”

The rPad helps provide for a highly effective and touchless way of monitoring temperature checks using Remark’s AI proprietary and facial biometric algorithm. It uses infrared to precisely screen the person’s body temperature even if he/she is wearing a mask. The key features of the rPad include:

• Accurate thermal technology: They have Remark’s precise medical-grade infrared thermal imaging sensors which give accurate reading almost every single time.

• Contactless access control: It consists of facial biometric algorithm which is reliable and fast and also includes an anti-spoofing technology.

• PPE detection: It can scan people and check if they are wearing personal protective equipment for the situation and report any violations.

• Attendance management: Other than thermal reading, it can also be used for record-keeping of the attendance of the employees.

The thermal kits produced by Remark can be fit anywhere such as into walls, tripod etc. to scan wide areas for unusual body temperatures. The kit includes a bi-spectral thermal camera along with its sophisticated AI sensors. The kit has the capacity to scan about 120 people in under a minute. The key features of Remark’s Thermal kits include:

• Accurate Face detection: It detects multiple data points on the face for an enhanced and more accurate face detection by using an advanced facial detection algorithm.

• PPE detection: Like the thermal kits, they also scan for personal protection equipment and report in case of violations.

• People counting and monitoring of social distancing: It also keeps people in a building are safe by monitoring the number of people present together inside a structure and helps prevent over-crowding.

These products monitor and alert the responsible personnel in case of violations or potential danger to ensure safety of employees and patients present in a building.

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