J5create partners with Intel to develop USB4 peripheral

JCD401 USB4™ Dual 4K Multi-Port Hub

A leader in high-tech computer accessories, j5create, have announced their collaboration with Intel. The collaboration will allow the companies the focus on developing one of the worlds’ first USB4 multi-sport adapters. Intel is one of the largest semiconductor chips manufacturer in the world.

The latest USB variant, USB4, will be developed in a way that offers various advantages such as increased transfer speeds, more efficient bandwidth compared to the legacy USB-C adapters. It also supports backward compatibility with previous USB and Thunderbolt ports.

“We’re thrilled to work with Intel® to bring the latest USB™ peripherals to market,” said Steven Lyu, Chief Operating Officer at j5create. “We are always innovating to deliver high-performance solutions users have been anticipating through a variety of products, technologies, and design collaborations.”

The USB4 adapters is set to release in Q1 2022 and will be one of the first to include Intel USB4 controller, are Thunderbolt compatibility, and USB legacy support. These new adapters have a dynamic bandwidth range of 20Gbps and also have dual 4K video support.


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