Deepen AI’s Auto labeling technology brings down labeling efforts

Deepen AI’s proprietary auto labeling technology has helped various companies raise their efficiency and productivity by 7X by automating labeling for up to 80 categories. All of this while maintaining accuracy levels of the highest order.

Data labeling is necessary for a variety of reasons that including computer vision. Labeling a huge amount of data is always tedious and time-consuming. Hence, Deepen AI has worked hard to automate the labeling process to minimize hard work and in the process, save time that can be used in some other things.

“Manual labeling becomes unscalable past a certain data volume. The demand for high-quality annotated data is increasing rapidly and with our AI-powered easy to use annotation and review tools, enterprises and individuals can reduce annotation time and effort significantly – while maintaining the highest quality.” – Mohammad Musa, CEO, and Founder, Deepen AI

Deepen AI collaborates with various enterprises to deliver them custom plans and models that are well suited for them. Deepen AI is able to provide top-quality labeling by using the years of experience they have in this industry.

Along with auto-labeling, Deepen AI’s annotation tool also allows enterprises to easily keep track of tasks and increase productivity. Some of the tools include:

  • Reporting: Allows businesses to transfer key information to their clients with the click of a button
  • Task Management: Has the ability to automate datasets workflow experience 
  • Quality Assurance: Allows enterprises to keep check of the quality of their processed data via built-in QA flow.

Deepen Al’s tools can be used locally or can be deployed on the cloud as well and are fully compatible with global standards like GDPR. They support all types of key cases like:

     –  2D and 3D Bounding boxes
     –  2D and 3D Semantic segmentation
     –  2D and 3D Polylines
     –  Scenario labeling
     –  2D and 3D Key Points

Deepen AI’s line of products also include Deepen Calibrate which allows the enterprises to calibrate their multi-sensor data in minutes instead of the usual hours. All of this is done with precise localization, mapping, and control.


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