SHL publishes its Molly Modular Autoinjector White paper

A solutions provider in design and development of the self-injection devices has announced that it has published its White paper named “Molly® Autoinjector: A Systematic Review of Molly’s Integrated and Flexible Design and Development Model”.

SHL Medical has aimed at changing the conventional models by adding modularity to its Molly device technology. Back in 2010, SHL Molly was initially based on a design that was used by every other manufacturer to save their costs and shorten timelines. Molly technology has now supported the launches of 17 combination products.

The white paper describes in detail how this next generation of Molly autoinjectors has integrated flexibility and modularity in their designs. The paper has been worked on by different experts in the various fields that are a part of SHL’s technical teams. It also includes SHL’s response to the changing market situation of the medical device industry. This allows for a constantly growing Molly ecosystem that enables product customization and efficient management of lifestyle.

The white paper is subdivided into three sections:

The Molly design and the philosophy behind its usability

Modularized manufacturing infrastructure supporting the Molly autoinjector development and production

Quality and regulatory systems that support Molly projects

“SHL’s Molly autoinjectors have been met with commercial successes spanning various disease areas and patient groups. This white paper provides evidence of SHL’s developmental work over the years to design a robust and adaptive autoinjector technology that addresses the requirements of pharma and its end-users. Such technology is exhibited in Molly’s flexibility as an autoinjector device offering seen in various layers of the whole device development stream. We are proud to share this work with our pharma partners for them to gain a comprehensive understanding of SHL’s customizable platform offering and how it can continuously support the ever-changing requirements of the medical industry, now and in the future,” SHL Medical Director of Marketing Magnus Fastmarken said.

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