MONTSERRAT announces release of Lab Grown Diamonds


MONTSERRAT New York has announced the launch of its new product line, Lab-grown diamond jewelry for Autumn/Winter 2021.

“We want to bring attainable, sustainable luxury to our customers. We feel that the jewelry industry is outdated and lagging behind other industries that are looking for alternative, sustainable solutions to their environmentally harmful practices,” say co-founders Carolina Cordon-Bouzan and Gayle Yelon.

The company aims to plug a gap in the lab-grown diamond market by manufacturing special and unique yet timeless lab-grown diamond jewel Ryan with designing that showcases the brand’s styles.

The Autumn/Winter 2021 collection will be titled “Our Love Letter to New York”. The name being a homage to New York’s contagious energy, unbelievable nights, and resilient hustle.

“We realized that there are very few brands offering lab-grown diamond jewelry in unique, fashion-forward styles. As of now, the only two offerings for diamond jewelry are either high-priced diamond jewelry or mass-market, basic jewelry styles featuring lab-grown diamonds.” MONTSERRAT New York

The collection will be the first to launch followed by the Spring/Summer 2022 collection. The 2021 collection will launch with 15 lab-grown diamond SKUs with selling prices averaging from $180-$595. Each piece will be manufactured for 18k gold plated sterling silver and will be available in two colors, white gold, and yellow gold.

In addition to celebrating the city, the company also made sure to reduce its carbon footprint by partnering up with Terrapass. The teaming up will allow the purchase of carbon offsets by funding renewable energy and methane capturing projects in cities across the country.

“Lab-grown diamonds are a more sustainable alternative to mined diamonds. Rather than excavating our earth for diamonds, we are replicating the environment in which diamonds are created by growing our diamonds in machines that mimic the pressure of the earth and the temperature of the sun. This means that the diamonds used in this collection, and all collections moving forward, are 100% real diamonds without causing excavatory harm to the planet.” MONTSERRAT New York

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