Misha Ford – A Visionary, Innovator, And Thought-Provoking Leader Creating A Great Impact on HR Domain

Women becoming financially independent and empowering themselves through entrepreneurship can bring significant social transformation. Misha Ford – President, and CEO of 3TG Staffing Solutions, is an inspiring woman who contributes to women’s empowerment and economic growth. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in business administration from Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey, and holds a Human Management Executive Education Certificate from Emory University. Presently, she is taking Executive Women in Leadership coursework through Cornell University.

Meet The Multi-Talented Leader

Misha is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience working for Fortune 500 companies in several different industries, including private wealth, telecommunications, sports entertainment, and luxury goods. She brings a distinctive and dynamic viewpoint to each organization, and they all profit from her wide range of experiences throughout her career.

The visionary leader is renowned for driving growth, maximizing operational excellence, and developing pipelines. Her viewpoints are widely respected, and people trust and respect her opinion. She was in charge of a $200 million annual marketing budget in her last corporate role. She was also in charge of financial reporting, product management, and marketing. Misha has backed numerous state and municipal government initiatives.

 Everyday, I wake up the first thought that comes to my mind is: YOU HAVE A CHOICE AND A CHANCE. What that means to me is that today might hold the chance I’ve been waiting for my entire life. Each day I choose to work the hardest I can achieve my dreams.

Today, she serves as the Founder, President and CEO of 3T Consulting Group. Her responsibilities as President include overseeing daily operations. As the CEO, she is responsible for management consulting and top-notch staffing within the company’s current and potential clientele and for identifying solutions, including program enhancements, add-ons, new business, and expansion, while improving client and business return on investment.

Misha handles DE&I with an emphasis on ongoing improvement and client expectations. She also ensures that teams swiftly reach scope and prioritize decisions that help balance customer and business objectives. The women entrepreneur manages the employees, executives, and finances of the business and assesses its performance. She identifies and resolves organizational challenges, acknowledges inadequacies, and implements solutions while negotiating and approving agreements and contracts.

Misha says,“I frequently facilitate vendor relationships and identify key weaknesses while working with the vendors to strengthen processes and policies within business operations. I identify key performance indicators for the organization’s human resources and talent management functions, and assess the organization’s success and market competitiveness based on these metrics.”

A Professional Consulting And Staffing Firm 

Our company started as a virtual assistance company 12 years ago. At that time, I was still also working in a corporate role,” recalls Misha. In 2017, she decided to devote most of her attention to 3TG Staffing Solutions and took on the role of CEO there full-time. At that time, there were only three part-time employees and a few active contracts, and it was just time for her to be a full-time CEO.

Marcus L. Dorsey – CFO, Mirah Young – Executive Director, Misha Ford – President & CEO

Today, 3T Consulting provides professional consulting. And 3TG Staffing Solutions is a branch of 3T Consulting that focuses on providing the government and Fortune 500 companies with optimal business solutions by aligning people, processes, and executing orders across all industry verticals.

Its laser focus and equitable approach to organizational cultures ensure effective programmatic strategy, efficient planning, and on-time execution. The company offers comprehensive solutions with over a decade of experience in business operations, including process improvement to reduce time and cost.

Converting Challenges Into Opportunities

The staffing industry is exceedingly complicated and demands agility in a constantly changing market where long-established processes are readily collapsable and the economy is constantly fluctuating. It makes Misha’s job an interesting yet difficult endeavor. Each nation, society, group, and individual is a complex adaptive system that adapts to those around them, and this complexity presents Misha and her team with ongoing problems.

They have a choice. Either they react to things as they occur or see them as opportunities to learn and develop their potential to create things out of them. Complexity forces Misha and her team to learn, develop, and create with what is emerging if they are to survive, live, and flourish today and tomorrow.

Source Of Motivation

When asked to share her source of motivation, Misha says that her grandmother had the most significant impact on her life. She was a self-made businesswoman who had nurtured nine children and more than 20 grandchildren while also owning a physical store. She (grandmother) taught her (Misha) so many approaches to culture and about variety in all its forms. Her principles surrounded her and still guide her every day.

Faced Challenges By Women

Being a woman, a mother of two daughters, and a seasoned professional with more than 20 years of experience in Fortune 500 companies across several different industries, including private wealth, telecommunications, sports entertainment, and luxury merchandising, Misha has had many opportunities to learn a lot about human behavior in a business setting. Her experience has shown the visionary leader that businesses will advance more quickly and dramatically if they address culture and give employee engagement top attention. While urging women to lean in and raise their hands can be helpful, they must also demand that companies take action to address the issue.

As a women entrepreneur, Misha has always wanted to be known for her business acumen and willingness to put in a lot of effort. However, she has found that it can be challenging for women. She believes, unfortunately, many individuals now assume that in order to thrive and be appreciated at work, one must be unkind, forceful, and unapproachable. ”As a woman of color, I believe I can speak for women of all races and affirm that we face similar types and frequencies of microaggressions. Ultimately, organizations need to do the deep cultural work required to create workplaces where all women feel valued,” says Misha.

The Role Of Mentorship To Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs or Professionals

We have a 501c Rhonda’s Girl Foundation (RGF), which inspires young girls to believe anything is possible. We teach them to take control of their own career path and education while bringing innovation to the community. We want to open doors, provide a guiding light, provide time to talk through employment situations with them, share similar experiences of your own with them and be the non-judgemental sounding board they need to reach their own conclusions,” says Misha.

She wants to emphasize the fact that individuals shouldn’t be intimidated because they didn’t grow up in a posh neighborhood, didn’t have parents of a certain status, didn’t come from a particular background, didn’t attend the proper school, or weren’t introduced to the right people. She and her team make sure that these individuals understand that their goals are what count and that they are here to guide them and hold their hands while they travel.

This is our simple vision for RGF. I was so insecure for so long, and now my insecurities are no longer taking over my life. I had to learn to be brave, and I want to share that truth with others,” states Misha.

Current Industry Scenario

Increasing merit, introducing more incentives, and realizing that hybrid work is here to stay are challenges Misha and her company, 3TG consulting, currently face. Misha and her team put a lot of effort into developing strong leadership and a culture of trust among the current staff and potential job candidates. They place a high value on employee engagement, well-being, and productivity, as well as work hard and smart to take good care of staff members and supply their clients with talent who are outfitted with the knowledge and behavioral tools necessary to produce excellent performance.

Future Goals

In the next two years, Misha wants to build a training facility that will guarantee that her company provides the community with advanced training and upskilling. She wants to give the underserved talent in the community the chance to reskill and compete for fair-wage jobs.


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