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What To Know About Our Virtual Workplace Solution (eVirtuall.Com)

eVirtuall.Com is a Virtual Office Collaboration Tool that is used by organizations for their remote teams to interact while performing daily work activities. The platform provides features & functionalities for teams to work remotely and conduct live streaming audio/video sessions.

The eVirtuall Platform is useful for educational institutions to conduct live streaming classroom education & conduct online training sessions. Organizations can also host live streaming events such as job fares, seminars, etc.

The eVirtuall solution serves to augment the traditional Brick & Mortar setup of most Businesses by enabling them to maintain ongoing operations, support business continuity and risk mitigation during scenarios of uncertainty.

The platform offers three major uses:- WORKPLACE for Business, CLASSROOM for Education & EVENTs for Organization. All three configurations provide live streaming virtual sessions (meetings, conference calls, tele-Commute/work remotelyetc.).

We can be contacted on the website to try our free trial service (www.evirtuall.com). We  provide initial one month free service upon signup.

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