LinksDAO and Five Iron Golf announce an official partnership

A business that focuses on bringing a change to modern golf and leisure clubs, LinksDAO, has announced its partnership with Five Iron Golf, to allow the LinksDAO NFT holders to experience real-life gold opportunities. Fiver Iron Gold is the country’s leading indoor golf and entertainment experience.

Along with the first-hand experience, LinksDAO NFT owners will be able to get discounts on Five Iron rentals, lessons, foods and drinks, and filling services. Furthermore, holders of LindDAO’s more exclusive Global NFT will also be able to get a free membership at Five Iron for a month and yearly complimentary golf classes.

“This is not only a real-life service we’re offering to NFT holders, but one of the first-ever partnerships that offer real-world services to any NFT holder in the crypto space,” said Jim Daily, a LinksDAO co-founder. “We’re dedicated to providing as much tangible value to our golf community as possible.”

Five Iron Golf is present in 10 locations around the nation which provides golf lovers with high tech, inclusive urban golf experience. Members of the Five Iron Golf will be able to enjoy more services than a non-member like a free simulator during off-peak hours, discounted food and drink, classes with golf professionals. Five of the above locations are also event spaces that offer a full bar and food services along with games.

“We’re thrilled to align with a forward-thinking, innovative golf company such as LinksDAO,” said Jared Solomon, Five Iron Golf’s CEO, and Co-Founder. “Five Iron Golf was built on convenience and inclusivity so it was a no-brainer to create a partnership that helps their digital community enjoy our real-life experiences.”

“Our members have so much enthusiasm for the LinksDAO project,” said Mr. Daily. “We are dedicated to delivering for them. This is just the beginning.”


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