Wright National Flood Insurance company announces agreement with Westfield

The nation’s leading provider of federal flood insurance, Wright National Flood Insurance Company has announced that it has made an agreement for the acquisition of flood insurance policy book from Westfield Insurance Company.

Wright Flood will now be issuing flood coverage under the radar of the National Flood Insurance Program on behalf of Westfield policyholders and agents. Furthermore, Wright will continue the servicing of Westfield’s private flood enterprise.

Wright Flood has almost 40 years’ worth of experience under their belt and is known for their experience, fast response to their claims, and them upholding their commitments with many agents and policyholders during flood losses.

The President of Wright National Flood Indira Services, Patricia Templeton-Jones, has said that she is excited to start working with the Westfield agents.

“Westfield has provided flood coverage solutions for the past 20 years for its agent partners and policyholders. We look forward to continuing their long history and providing their agents with our experience in the flood insurance industry,” said Templeton-Jones. “Since the inception of the National Flood Insurance Program, Wright Flood has been a premier provider of NFIP flood coverage and private flood options for homeowners and business owners.”

“Wright has a well-established reputation of providing excellent service to customers and agents, especially at the time of a flood loss.  We are confident customers will continue appreciating the peace of mind that comes with having flood coverage,” commented Craig Welsh, Westfield’s chief distribution officer.


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