Lindsay Corporation will be using Microsoft Azure to develop intelligent solutions for Agriculture

Lindsay Corporation is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural solutions such as irrigational equipment and technology. Today, they have announced that they will be using Microsoft Azure to further develop and improvise their technology. It will help them broader their detection, evaluate and improve the irrigational systems, and solve issues within them. Lindsay will be using Microsoft Azure IoT and Azure Machine Learning for their artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions. These improvements will help the growers manage their irrigation more efficiently while earning more profits out of them.

Lindsay Corporation was established in 1955 to research and develop advanced and over-the-top technology to further improve the fulfillment of growing demands of food, fuel, and other resources across the globe. They manufacture lateral move irrigation systems as well as remote irrigation systems that focus on the conservation of resources while providing the best productivity. Their brands include Zimmatic and FieldNET that even enable IoT solutions to irrigational issues. Other than agricultural solutions, they are also a leading industry in transportation solutions such as Barrier systems, Road Zipper, etc. to improve safety on roads and improved traffic movement on the biggest and busiest streets around the world.

Director of Software development at Lindsay says, “We are excited to begin leveraging Microsoft Azure IoT capabilities to further enhance our customers’ ability to be productive and profitable while also conserving valuable natural resources around the world. This deeper collaboration strengthens Lindsay’s ability to deliver innovative solutions through our field-proven irrigation and technology brands, Zimmatic, and FieldNET.”

Microsoft Azure and Lindsay have collaborated in the past to bring FieldNET out into the market. The FieldNET is an award-winning cloud-based platform that is predicted to save 700 billion gallons of water and around 1 billion Kilowatt-hours of electricity by the year 2022 through their global technology solutions.

“Microsoft is committed to driving digital transformations to people, organizations and industries around the world, and we’re pleased to be collaborating with Lindsay in a way that further supports their sustainability goals around water, energy, and carbon emissions. Lindsay will apply our machine learning and edge-of-field computing capabilities to help growers and the rising global population benefit from these advancements,” announced Partner General Manager of IoT Azure of Microsoft.

The further developments of this project will further be announced in a virtual event taking place on the 12th of November, 2020.

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