Zulily launches Best Time to Shop Report

Zulily, an online retailer, has announced the launch of “Best Time to Shop Report”, which allows moms around the country to secure the best deals, maximize their savings and pinpoint when they should shop to beat the rush.

According to a study, many women plan their shopping way before because it helps them feel less stressed (75%), 62% of them do it to save time, and 54% of them to save money. Compared to other brands that offer deals during the end of a season or during holidays, Zulily offers attractive deals all year, with some of the prices being 97% lower than online retailers. Zulily has been able to identify things that are bought by most moms by analyzing their sales data along with Google searches. This helps various moms to plan their shopping spree prior to the surge.

“There are millions of moms who shop on Zulily looking to discover great, fresh finds, and are the primary purchasers of their household. But moms often put shopping for themselves last. In fact, 68% of moms recently told us that they’re more likely to forget to buy personal items for themselves than for the rest of their family3,” said Carmela Jaime Matthews, director of the site merchandising and programming for Zulily. “We know moms are short on time and always looking to maximize their budgets without sacrificing quality or the brands they love, so by giving moms a roadmap to plan and shop year-round we aim to make shopping easy.”

Zulily conducted a poll across 1000 moms to see the current trends and hence allowing them to plan for them accordingly. Some of the discoveries for the month of February include:

  • Spring Dècor sales will be heating up
  • Beauty products
  • Summer Vacation essential deals in February
  • Brand new #OOTD provides a mood boost for kids.

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