Honeywell and Microsoft join hands to bring new workplace domains to the market

Honeywell and Microsoft recently made an announcement that they will be collaborating to bring out new domain-specific apps to the workplace. Microsoft will be developing those applications on its cloud platform for Honeywell.

The customers will be able to access workflow management to improve their performance and spend energy efficiently with the autonomous AI-driven controls of the Honeywell Forge enterprise along with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field service. Real-time data access will help the workers to prioritize and solve problems more efficiently and in a given time. The primary focus is laid on helping the facility management field. They will be automating the building maintenance for the owners and workers. Many of the times, facility management can become very physically and emotionally draining task without the proper workforce or the know-how. The automation of these tasks will help facility managers to appoint and complete tasks on time and from the right people.

The CEO and President of Honeywell Connections Enterprise say, “Honeywell’s partnership with Microsoft will deliver new value to our customers as we help them solve business challenges by digitalizing their operations. Working with Microsoft, Honeywell will bring solutions at scale- powered by AI-driven insights and immediate access to data—that will help our customers work more efficiently than ever before.”

The Crown Towers Perth in Australia used the services of the new Honeywell Forge Digitalized Maintenance solutions and it helped in giving faster inputs for the potential maintenance issues when compared to the traditional methods. It also reduced the reactive work orders by about 90%. According to Honeywell Forge, their AI-driven solutions can cut around 10-20% of the energy costs in the heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning operation, which otherwise consumes about 60% of the total energy in commercial structures.

The Dynamics 365 Field Service helps to detect potential issues in advance that helps to avoid situations of down-time and inefficiencies during functioning. This happens by analysis of the IoT data by the AI-infused IoT alerts to improve proactive service offerings and work orders. Microsoft will be able to bring Honeywell’s services to the global market quickly while also keeping the regional policies in place.


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