Gales Shoes for Nurses release a new colorway

Gales, the innovative nursing footwear company, has announced the release of the new mint colorway available for both men and women and comes in a variety of different full and half sizes.

Gales was founded in March 2020 by Rob Gregg. This creation came to be due to the incredible care and support the frontline nurses had given to one of his relatives who had fallen ill during the pandemic’s peak. As his way of giving back to them, he founded this she line for nurses that is easy for their wallets too.

Rob coupled his 10 years of experience in footwear design and production with inputs from nurses that worked in the medical facilities to create a brand new line of shoes that are comfortable, protective, and affordable.

The special feature about these shoes is that it comes with removable and washable Ortholite insoles that bounce back and are able to maintain their structure and performance after every wash. Along with comfort, the insoles have slip-resistant technology integrated into them along with an antimicrobial barrier that prevents any harmful liquid or chemical to seep in via the shoes.

The shoes contain no laces which makes them easier to wear and less of a mess. Furthermore, the shoes are very soft to the touch due to the XL Extralight technology that makes the shoes about 3 times lighter when compared to other nurse shoes on the market.

As mentioned before, the shoes also protect harmful liquids to seep in through the shoes which was a concern expressed by many nurses. Hence, these shoes are designed to be low maintenance and easy to clean. The shoes dry off almost instantly, which helps provide nurses some peace of mind and help them make sure that these chemicals don’t spread to their family members and contaminate their homes.

The mint colorway will be available for $89.95 and can also come in various other colors such as white, black, gray, navy,x and lavender.

Gales Shoes for Nurses release a new colorway

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